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society changes brought by television

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Society Changes Brought by Television

Almost every dweller of our country knows , that the TV appeared only several decades ago , and it ‘s only for forty or fifty years that almost every American family has a TV set at home . TV has become the greatest entertainment for the children and adults , an imaginary world we can drift to without even using the power of our imagination . The statistics says that television is on for almost 7 hours a day in an average American household

No wonder that the appearance of television changed [banner_entry_middle]

our society a lot as the division of time in the American society has changed with the appearance of this talking hypnotizing box . Except for reading books going out or simply talking with the friends and other family members Americans just sit and watch TV . The statistical data says that an average American child spends 30 of his /her waking time in front of the TV set

For now television has become a problem for the educators , parents , and employers . There is no statistics about the quantity of lessons and workdays missed because of the TV , but the numbers are surely , giant Let ‘s try to see what exactly attracts the American children , teenager and adults to the TV screen

Jerzy Kosinski in his book Being There provided a great interpretation for the facts listed . In his book he described the emotions of the person who had seen the outside world only through the glass of the TV screen “By changing the channel he could change himself “-the author notes “He could go through phases as garden plants went through phases but he could change as rapidly , as he wished by twisting the dial backwards and forward . In some cases he could spread out into the screen without stopping . By turning the dial Chance could bring others inside his eyelids . Thus he cam to believe that it was he , Chance , who made himself be (p .5-6

As you can note , switching on the TV set for Chance gave him the sense of power he didn ‘t have in his real life . Chance , like the millions of people worldwide identified himself with the moving figures on the screen , and he felt like he was capable to do something brave and smart like the TV show and movie heroes did . There were times when people worked hard just for to feel themselves satisfied and valuable in any field they chose , but the TV screen brought an opportunity to get all the set of the positive emotions like love , affection , understanding and satisfaction for the price of one TV set

The time that was spent before hand on working , studying , doing something for to provide positive emotions and the feeling of social realization is now spent in front of TV . The emotions , whether positive or negative brought by it became a drug for most of us , as we have unlearned to put the efforts for reaching those conditions and getting those… [banner_entry_footer]

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