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Protecting Sociologist from Extinction

Do you see that group of picketers standing on that street corner Their actions speak volumes about sociology . First , a number of individuals has joined in an effort to change something about their work environment second , these individuals are not only employees , they are members of a union finally , passersby will observe the action and draw conclusions about it . Each of these factors exemplifies one or more elements of sociology : the science [banner_entry_middle]

of understand[ing] the structure and dynamics of society , and their intricate connections to patterns of human behavior and individual life changes as well as , how both individuals and collectivities construct , maintain , and alter social organization in various ways ( What is Sociology . There is however , more than picketing going on : each participant , observer , and employer is in the midst of a sociological event that will result in some type of change to the environment that currently exists

The picketers also illustrate the nature of the sociological imagination : a `quality of mind ‘ that allows one to grasp `history and biography and the relations between the two within society (qtd . in Elwell . In essence , absent the historical reality of unionization coupled with the background (both personal and professional ) of the workers , there would be no picket line at all . One of C . Wright Mills points was that treating sociology as an antiseptic study void of the effects and influences of an ever-changing world and the history of the involved individual (s ) was useless

The sociological perspective is more general and merely encompasses the act of a

sociologist as he or she examines human social behaviour and the relationships this

presupposes (Livesey

Human beings form groups , and groups form societies . As time passes the influence of an individual will affect the group , and the group ‘s influence will affect the society therefore , it seems most relevant for a sociologist to apply C . Wright Mills ‘ sociological imagination when attempting to practice sociology

Let me take a simple example : turn on a television set and take a look at reruns of the show Leave It to Beaver . June Cleaver is rarely seen wearing pants , but she is always dressed impeccably – even if the day is just beginning , and she is cooking breakfast . The rare occasions on which she is seen wearing pants involve family picnics , and even then she is not always in slacks . While we ‘re at it , make note of the fact that June Cleaver does not work . Now , switch channels , and watch an episode of CSI . The show revolves around characters in a work setting and the characters are a combination of men and women . Also note that both genders generally wear pants . If one were to examine this using only sociological perspective , one would have difficulty explaining the change in attire as women are still seen in skirts or dresses when the message is that they are dressed up ‘ The attitude that the… [banner_entry_footer]

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