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Sojourner Truth, and shaping the fight against gender norms in the 1800’s.

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Sojourner Truth and Shaping the Fight against Gender Norms in the 1800 ‘s


From the very beginning of her activity as women ‘s rights leader , Truth had embodied the woman in the black . In her path-breaking performances in New York City in 1867 she embodied the sophisticated and seasoned political activist in a radically inclusive form . She said that people who are black , who are poor , who are illiterate , who are not true women could be empowered to choose for themselves the leaders who govern them Truth had matured as a [banner_entry_middle]

political activist over a long and turbulent career that had taught them both the multitudinous paths by which people become qualified for anything . She had had grounded gendered black power in the vitality of the working woman . Always disturbing the hierarchies Truth honored the shaping energy of labor as the defining human activity . Unlike many other activists at that time , Truth tended first and last toward women . For her , the Fourteenth Amendment portended worry , not triumph , if colored men get their rights ‘ before women are enfranchised

Truth had been born a slave in the late 1790s in Ulster County , New York . She had escaped from slavery and in the 1820s belonged to communities of radically egalitarian evangelicals . Her legal freedom from slavery came when she was liberated under a New York statute of 1817 that freed slaves under forty in 1827 . Like many former slaves , she found sanctuary in a city – in this case New York . Here she met reformers such as Arthur Tappan , and in 1843 , she changed her slave name Isabella to the resonant name of her future – Sojourner Truth (Fitch 421 . By 1850 , she had published her famous autobiography Narrative of Sojourner Truth – A Northern Slave , which told the story of her abusive early years as the property of New York owners . Some gaps exist in the biography of Sojourner Truth , but by the 1840s , she was living in a utopian commune in western Massachusetts . With the encouragement of William Lloyd Garrison and his family , she had become part of a network of reformers , attending and speaking at meetings of antislavery reformers . In 1850 , she attended the first annual woman ‘s rights convention in Worcester , Massachusetts

Throughout this decade , she supported herself as a live-in domestic . She also sold her Narrative and gave dramatic speeches on woman ‘s rights Having no permanent home , she often stayed with leaders of the woman ‘s movement including Susan B . Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton . Thus Truth became part of an informal association of female reformers . Other black women including free-born Nancy Prince and Charlotte Forten were part of the prewar woman ‘s movement , but as was the case with white women , commitments were made on an individual basis because there was no permanent sustaining organization devoted to woman suffrage . Still women learned how to begin the process of changing American opinion on voting for women by circulating petitions and giving speeches Newss began to cover their conventions and… [banner_entry_footer]

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