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Solution/s to High Tuition fees at California State Universities

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Solution /s to High Tuition fees at California State Universities


Solution /s to High Tuition fees at California State Universities

The problem of high tuition fees has faced many students nowadays . In order to get a decent job in future , a student needs to attend college However , many students are having a very hard time paying tuition fees because they are very high , and have even been increasing during the recent years . Have you ever wondered what it ‘s like for a young person who comes from a middle-class family to [banner_entry_middle]

pay huge sums of tuition money in order to make his dream of having college education come true ? Have you ever thought what a student has to go through to be able to pay for his education ? He is constantly under stress pressure because he needs to find jobs to be able to keep studying . There are many reasons for high tuition fees in California colleges , and many students become victims of them . One of the main solutions of this problem lies in increasing financing from the government which can bring down the tuition fees for students . However , in order to suggest more solutions it ‘s necessary to list the whole range of problems in the result of which the cost of education is constantly increasing

One of the main reasons of high tuition fees at California universities is very simple from the economic point of view . It ‘s caused by supply and demand for education in the region . For example , there may be 30 ,000 young people applying for acceptance at the university while the university can only take 5 ,000 people . The difference between supply of vacant places and the demand of young people is enormous . The only way a balance between these market forces can be achieved is by having high tuition fees . If there are many students applying for colleges and lots of them are willing to study at any cost because they want to get higher education , there is no sense for universities to decrease tuition fees There will still be students willing to pay because the demand for education is so high . What is the solution for this problem ? It ‘s very easy to figure it out because in order to bring balance to the market of education at the lower price , it ‘s only necessary to increase the supply of vacant places . Once the supply is increased , the tuition fees will have to go down right away . What is happening now in the market of education is that universities form a kind of oligopoly due to the limited supply of places , and therefore they are able to make the tuition fees high , just like in any oligopoly market . As long as there is oligopoly , there is no way for prices to go down . In order to solve this problem , new universities have to be introduced to the market , and barriers for their entrance reduced . If a larger number of good universities… [banner_entry_footer]

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