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Son of the Revolution

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He questions the achievement of the Cultural Revolution , he tries to find an answer for being treated so unfairly and endeavours to reveal the reason why people have contributed so much to the national prosperity receiving nothing in return . The situation where Liang Heng , Liang Shan and others found themselves was a favourable environment for disappointment and self-underestimation . The focus of the story lies in millions of the devastated lives that served faithfully to the regime but all of a sudden were back where they ‘ve started . The general tragedy of the [banner_entry_middle]

period described in the book is that the ideology looked better in theory . That is when people hoped to be equally treated and to have equal rights and respective incomes . They were neither lazy nor foolish they did their best to lead a happy life remaining utterly devoted to the leader and his representatives Instead , their lifestyles were harsh and oppressive , full of unexpected problems , constant diffidence and uncertainty . All of them were hoping for a single ray of hope in the darkness of reality . In search of a better life many of the Chinese immigrated to another prosperous countries . Liang Heng did the same and was hoping to come back in a number of years and become a witness of a country ‘s economic , cultural and social development . Unfortunately , it didn ‘t come true . Moreover , he has noticed that the authorities were not encouraging people to reveal their talents , skills and knowledge . Their policy demanded the same conformity and regime creating an atmosphere of equality . But the latter was more linked to the equality of national disability to develop and create Liang , H Shapiro , J (1984 . Son of the Revolution . New York Random House

Nathan , A Ross , R (1997 . The Great Wall and the Empty Fortress China… [banner_entry_footer]

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