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Spam , the unsolicited messages that arrive in email inboxes selling and promoting stuffs from beauty products to pornographic materials , becomes a growing concern among internet users . It does not only bombard annoying and nuisance messages to people ‘s email boxes , spam also has other implications with regards to its deception , morality , illegality effects and other unwanted aspects

Spam deceives people . Spammers mislead and deceive e-mail users by pretending to send important messages that in reality are spam . Spammers trick recipients so as to earn a great deal of money from [banner_entry_middle]

them . A spam containing fake lotteries for example tell recipients that they have won a large amount of money but must pay certain fees before they receive it . Thus , spammers earn when they successfully lure and deceive people to give money in exchange of vain promises of a larger amount or gain

Spammers also trick people into reading the spam mails that the latter would have eventually deleted . In an effort to trick recipients into thinking that the emails are from a friend or a legitimate business transaction , spammers use special style subject lines like “Your Mortgage Application is Ready “make sure you do this ” or “Re : your application . According to the American Online Inc (AOL , although generic product pitches dominated previous spam lists , attempts to trick e-mail users in the form of fake customer-driven transactions on everything from great deals on IPods to bogus shipment confirmations has increased “Spam Scammers Find New ” 2005 ,

. C10 . A recipient for example receiving an email that seems to be responding to one of his current concerns like financial needs will be greatly upset to realize that the email is something else . The deceit of spam therefore causes a waste of time for email recipients opening spam messages . The dangerous part of this is that spammers lure consumers into providing personal information , sometimes asking for credit card numbers from people who think they are transacting with legitimate businesses

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Spam promotes pornography . Spam messages promoting pornography are 280 times as effective in getting recipients to click on them as messages advertising pharmacy drugs , which are the next most effective type of spam ( Seems Somebody Is Clicking on That Spam . Thus , pornography is used by spammers to entice recipients to open spam messages . Spam offerings of videotaped sex scandals and pornographic pictures are also making their way around the internet in high numbers through spam messages

Around 15- 20 of spam messages have contents that are of adult nature or those that deal with sex and pornography . For reason that spammers simply send spam messages to millions of email addresses , there is a high probability that children and youths who are not mature enough to handle materials of adult nature will receive it . A June 2000 study of 1 ,501 youths ages 10 to 17 who use the Internet regularly indicated that one-quarter of the children surveyed received an unwanted exposure to pictures of naked people or people having sex… [banner_entry_footer]

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