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Special Education

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: Special Education

Special education is simply defined as a kind of teaching or training to students whose academic , behavioral and physical needs cannot be met using traditional programs or techniques . Thus , it is very important for educators of such student to be knowledgeable about their unique characteristics for them to design a special educational program

Students with physical and medical needs and those who exhibit different behaviors appears to have these noncompliant behavior like they tend to refuse in complying with rules , easily lose their temper easily angered , frustrated and annoyed [banner_entry_middle]

, have low self-esteem , they enjoyed annoying and bothering others and tried to seek attention always

One very important factor for an educator in designing an educational program for these kinds of students , that they need to identify the problem within the student rather than within educational system for the fact that every student is different from the other and so every educational program must be based on individual strength and behavioral challenges . And for these educational program to be achieve to every student with physical and medical needs and those who exhibit defiant behavior , educators must gather assessment information of these students like their behavior inside the classroom and at home , their academic performance , social relationships , learning preferences , emotional status and communication skills and for these information to be used in providing a complete pros of every student which educators can identify their academic strengths , needs and learning styles . Thus , it is also very important for educators to have a collaboration and communication with their students ‘ families , medical professionals and health-related professionals in to get this assessment information of every student . Also , good collaboration and communication with students ‘ families also strengthens the connection between school and home because family is believe as a valuable resources and partner in the education process of every students

Educators also need to address students ‘ learning and motivational difficulties in to avoid resistance behavior . Provided with these meaningful , interesting , age appropriate and creative instructional programs it helps them establish a learning environment and motivates them to succeed . Another consideration for an educator in designing educational program is for them to provide their student with social skills instructions . And when these are provided on them , students now learn how to work in a group , able to mingle with others in positive way like gaining of friends and tend to understand the feelings of others then . It also understands their own strengths , challenges , emotions and deal with frustrations and anger

Educators must also teach student how their actions affect their success and failures . This is a very important factor for the reason that with these kinds of students when making such an act they tried to blame others for their own difficulties . So it ‘s very critical for them that they need to understand that the product of their own action is due to their own effort , ability and other factors only within themselves

More factors that educators must consider would be building… [banner_entry_footer]

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