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Specific Product Packaging Problem

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Problems encountered in development of packaging of a product

Packaging of a product is more important than the product itself . A bad packaging can spoil a good product . Sometimes , a good packaging can save bad product though it will be short-lived in the market . Packaging therefore plays a vital role in marketing of a product besides preserving its quality

The most important aspect is that package chosen should be compatible with the contents . Most of the time we encounter conflict between durability of packaging and market expectancies or marketing attractiveness . For [banner_entry_middle]

example , in to preserve the quality of a product , the appropriate packaging may not be very attractive to make its marketing easy . Hence there is a conflict between the two sets of functions . And this will also result in conflict between the manufacturing departments and marketing departments . Marketing would expect the manufacturing department to make the packaging transparent but the latter would be unrelenting . Hence care must be had to strike a balance between the two to make the product a success in the market . A product has primary package as well as a secondary package . A producer has to select ideal mediums for both . While primary package is meant for containing the actual product till the user finishes consuming it the secondary package is meant for transporting from the factory to the trade

We are in the pharmaceutical industry manufacturing several OTC products . In developing a new product of a non-sedating Cough Syrup , we encountered invariably all the above problems discussed above . Being an OTC product , the package had to be user-friendly . The liquid product traditionally is packed in glass bottle with or without cartons . As we faced stiff competition from the existing market players , we wanted to innovate in its packaging . The innovation in quality was the non-sedating character as all the cough syrups existing in the market were invariably of sedating effect . Our aim was to make the product breakage proof and lightweight . The natural choice was virgin food grade plastic containers . The manufacturing department did not approve of the radical packing as it feared some of the contents would react with the plastic and that we would end up facing quality problems and consumer disputes . Hence after thorough research , it was ensured no quality problem would ever arise by completely doing away with chemicals and making it a non sedating herbal formulation which idea was quite conducive to the trends in making medicines with no so side effects Besides , the plastic was replaced by an improved version called `PET which was also transparent and enabled us producers as well as the consumers to check the level of contents and also to ensure against presence of foreign particles in the product . We also dispensed with cartons unlike in glass bottles . By making it lightweight and breakage proof , the secondary packing also was made less heavy thus saving in transportation costs . Considerable research is being done to develop a packaging for products . It does not end with ensuring of quality and expectation of consumer acceptance . In designing the packaging , the target audience is the most important . Not all consumers are the same

In to maximize sales and to achieve large economies , consider what Hines R says ‘ Boomers are a prime and growing target audience Does your product speak to them ? Does your product ‘s packaging compel them to buy it ? If not , you are missing a very important market segment According to Rick Adler , founder of The Senior Network “Simply based on population growth trends , if a product is marketed to the 50-plus audience and maintains its market share , it should increase in sales by 35 to 50 percent in the next 20 years . Conversely , a brand targeted at the zero to 50 age groups will be flat in sales (News Release wire .com . The ten tips given in the website , for designing a packaging for the ultimate target audience is worth observing


Hines R JoAnn July 15 , 2005 available at http /www . News Release Wire Com accessed on 21 , July 2006

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