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High School Sponsorship

Sponsorship is defined as the provision of financial or material support to individuals , teams , events or organizations , outside the sponsor ‘s normal sphere of operations . This might involve sport , the arts community or charity work (Pearson Education UK Website , 2006 . For high schools , sponsorship is vital in the support of its various activities especially sports-related events

High school administrators may contract with someone or an entity – including private companies or education management organizations ‘ – to sponsor events of the school . However , the administrator remains legally responsible [banner_entry_middle]

to the sponsor . The sponsor is ordinarily a state or local school board . In some states , public schools also have authority to issue charters , as do county school boards and city councils . If the sponsor deems an application solid , it will negotiate a more detailed charter (or contract ) for a specified period of time (Finn 2000 ,

. 16

We all know that high schools do not only entail academic work , courses in music and art , business training , general courses in home economics and industrial arts , and specialized industrial , technical agricultural , and vocational homemaking curricula represent the range of the formal program of studies in state high schools . The teaching that the schools do cannot be completely assessed , however , without considering their extracurricular programs

Reports from the schools show that in addition to studying formal school subjects , students have a chance to take part under school auspices in a variety of recreational activities , in the meetings of informal subject matter clubs , in the publication of some sort of school periodical , and in character-building or school service organizations

Almost all the high schools provide dances , organized athletics , and musical organizations , and a large proportion of high school pupils participate actively in these recreations . The dances are ordinarily the only form of purely social activity which the schools sponsor . The organized athletics tend to be restricted to large-group sports . Boys usually have a chance to engage in football , baseball , track , and soccer girls may take part in volleyball , softball , and soccer Spectator participation in sports is often actively encouraged among both boys and girls , in connection with interschool athletic competitions . The musical organizations , like the athletics , tend to place chief emphasis on large-group activities . Most schools have orchestras and glee clubs or choirs , and in all but the smallest schools there are likely , in addition , to be school bands . Except in the case of dancing , the school ‘s supervision of these activities involves a considerable amount of teaching – perhaps more accurately described , in the case of musical activities as well as athletics , as coaching

To help ease out these activities , sponsors are needed to defray financial costs . Another purpose of sponsorship is to enable information awareness . School personnel usually work as a team to confront the high-risk behaviors of students . For example , high school teachers , coaches , counselors , and nurses can work together to enhance sexuality education at their schools . Abstinence lessons can be coupled with lessons that emphasize responsible , safer-sex practices for those females… [banner_entry_footer]

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