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Sport Injuries: Prevention & Rehabilitation Principles

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: SPORTS INJURIES : Prevention And Rehabilitation Principles


Until recently , not very many people believed that exercise makes one look younger than his /her age . Only in the late 20th century till now physicians strongly advise frequent and consistent exercise . As it increases the life span of the immuned system in the body making one live longer . This has led most people of all ages to consistent exercise


No particular gender has been specified to actively participate in any kind of sport . Both males and females should take to exercise [banner_entry_middle]

for good health and growth


Most people see exercise as a belief and don ‘t see disability as a barrier . Exercise , is what many believe is food for the heart . A blind man or a deaf man that believes in exercise does not really see himself drawn back from exercising because he cannot see or hear . Even those on wheelchair do exercise (physical activities . They sometimes wheel themselves around to move from one place to another


A pregnant woman is often advised to take to occasional exercise to enhance healthy delivery . Exercise makes a stiff pregnant woman flexible . With a lot of difficulties associated with childbirth . A woman feels clumsy during pregnancy , therefore should do exercise to feel less pain during delivery

Medical condition

No doubt , health institutions have often emphasized how important exercise help inhibit most of these diseases in the human body . One who is consistent to exercise is no doubt a healthy person . Exercise burns down excessive fats in the body making one feel comfortable and healthy Also consistent exercisers are always be assured of stable healthy conditions

Exercise techniques

Exercise techniques should be such that it can be easily adhered to and gender friendly . Time should not be spent on designing exercise techniques for both male and female genders separately . For uniformity and general sense of acceptability , everybody should take exercise as a friendly and free vocation and be attracted by the ease with which a particular sport has been designed

Appropriate sports facilities

This will go a long way in preventing injuries in the game of basketball . Basketball is a very physical game (involves plenty of strength . It involves pushing , hard ball contest , jumping and good eye sight for perfect play . Hence , well-polished basketball court surface should be made of wood and not concrete . To prevent a lot of injuries while playing basketball , concrete surfaces should not be used for basketball court since it is a very physical game

To also prevent a lot of health injuries , basketball should not be played under a terrible temperature condition . Harsh temperature cannot go well with the game of basketball . As well as proper lighting . A good basketball court should be appropriately lighted to prevent blurred vision , since it is a game to do with plenty of sight

All equipment for the game of basketball should be firmly fixed . Like the rims , the polished wood surface to prevent possible injuries

Appropriate equipment

Personal equipment in… [banner_entry_footer]

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