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Standardized Tests

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On the first page , write an essay telling whether or not you believe the speaker is effective is the author ethical

Eric Boese in his essay on how standardized tests are undermining the education of our students argues against the method with which standardized tests has been used in the country . He contends that standardize tests are not helping students and that it has dome more harm than good . It is my belief that the author was able to lead the reader to his arguments and to convince the reader of the truth [banner_entry_middle]

of his claims . He was effective in the sense that he was able to bring attention to the various ways in which standardized tests are evidently harming the educational system and the students . He supported his arguments with credible resources and was able to suggest measures and changes that would make standardized tests positive tools for learning Although his ideas seemed to jump from one paragraph to the next and at some points in the essay seemed to lose his focus on the like his length discussion on cheating . Considering that the author was a student , he may not have been an expert on the , but if he was speaking from a student ‘s point of view then he may have been more effective . For the most part , I think the author was not completely ethical , he made mention of sensitive information like how principals and teachers are driven to cheat on tests but did not show proper citation or where he got his sources . Moreover , his reliance on secondary data may have lessened the integrity of his claims as he was just reporting what has been found by other authors

On the second page , discuss which paragraphs describe the problems with standardized tests . Tell what these problems are . Discuss which paragraphs indicate the author ‘s solutions and what his solutions are Is his essay clear

In the essay Standardized Tests Shouldn ‘t We be Helping our Students , the author identifies the problem with standardized tests in the second paragraph when he says that the use of standardized tests have become a more important and more destructive component of our schools . In paragraph 3 , he claimed that test results were directly connected to the longevity of the careers of teachers and administrators . With the fourth paragraph the author argues that student learning was compromised because teachers were training students to take the test and spending more time doing so than actually learning skills and concepts . In paragraph 9 he said that standardized tests have resulted to cheating in schools and have impacted the reputation of the school district , determined funding , dictated graduation rates and even affected enrollment as well as putting undue stress to students . With paragraph 11 , the author found evidence that teachers often result to dumb down their lessons and paragraph 12 says that tests create false impression and that it does not reflect the true amount of learning that students have . The… [banner_entry_footer]

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