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Statistics in Grief Therapy

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Statistics in Grief Therapy

Bereavement is viewed as a normal part of human experience and considered as well as a vital aspect to the human state . Many of those who experience the loss of a loved one receive support and care from significant others and friends . A marginal number of bereaved people face critical and at times lasting consequences while the rest of the majority manages to prevail over their grief in the course of time Those who find this time of bereavement and mourning incapacitating therefore need professional therapeutic help (Corr [banner_entry_middle]

, 1999 . A lot of those Psychotherapeutic interventions for bereavement differ extensively , and comprise individual and group techniques . Among the numerous intervention programs which were devised to diminish the anguish and distress connected with mourning is grief therapy and has been reviewed for its effectiveness . This outlines the use of grief therapy , the statistics surrounding its use , such as how prevalent grief therapy is , the populations which utilize it and to what degree it helps resolve issues and other relevant matters to grief therapy Who uses grief therapy ? Social worker Dennis M . Reilly states “We do not necessarily need a whole new profession of . bereavement counselors . We do need more thought , sensitivity , and activity concerning this issue on the part of the existing professional groups that is , clergy , funeral directors , family therapists , nurses , social workers and physicians (Worden 1991 ,

. 5 . Trained therapists may be physicians , junior hospital or clinical medical students . Barclay et al (2003 ) were able to study general practitioners in Wales to ascertain how well prepared they are to care for the dying . It is likely then that although there are several available professional therapists , with various support groups sprouting these days , help for the sufferer is no longer elusive . Where is grief therapy conducted and in what format Grief therapy by and large is carried out in a constrained area (usually an office setting . These areas may be located in hospitals (for both inpatients and their families and for outpatients , mental health clinics , churches , synagogues , chemical dependency inpatient and out-patient programs , schools , universities , funeral home aftercare programs , employee assistance programs , and programs that serve chronically ill or terminally ill persons . Additional sites might include adult or juvenile service locations for criminal offenders Private practice (when a counselor or therapist works for herself ) is another opportunity to provide direct client services . When Is Grief Counseling or Therapy Needed ? Based on studies by many experts including John Jordan , grief counseling and grief therapy techniques are put to test and redesigned by new research . In their article published in the journal Death Studies , Selby Jacobs , Carolyn Mazure , and Holly Prigerson state “The death of a family member or intimate exposes the afflicted person to a higher risk for several types of psychiatric diss . These include major depressions , panic diss , generalized anxiety diss , posttraumatic stress diss and increased alcohol use and abuse (Jacobs , Mazure , and Prigerson 2000 ,

. 185 . They encourage the development of a new Diagnostic and… [banner_entry_footer]

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