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Storm King Mountain Fire (1994)

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Storm King Mountain Fire (1994


Mountains are among the most breath taking picturesque of heavenly creations today . The fact that these natural landscapes bring so much relaxation to the tired minds of the city people , a lot of mountains around the world have been declared as national parks and tourist attractions

Among the mountains known to be a beautiful spot for people who would like to take retreat from the hustles and bustles of the busy city life is the Storm King [banner_entry_middle]

Mountain of Colorado . The said mountain is known for its scenic views as it is surrounded by rivers and is widely known for its cool ambiance . It also has a hiking trail designed for an eco-trail for the visitors . The beautiful sceneries of the mountain helps the visitors feel a certain return to nature , which makes them feel relaxed . However , these entire ambiance were lost at the eve of June 2 , year 2004 . It was the beginning of a mountain crumbling down from its beauty A devastating event occurred in the territories of Storm King Mountain Little did the residents and even the officials guarding the mountain knew that a fire would start and kill fourteen firefighters during that day

Before the Fire

Everything was normal with the residents of Colorado including the entire population of US before the fire happened . As the whole population of America had just finished celebrating their independence day , everybody has had the chances of taking and enjoying vacation from schools and works . The idea of relaxation had been much of n

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option for many residents of the country and the Storm King Mountain is supposed to be the main one of the main attraction for the people that time

Aside from this , certain events in the society before the exact date of the fire , also determines the fact that people those times were not prepared for such an incident to happen , as they were all enjoying and minding their own businesses and their own responsibilities in life

One event , which is included to this , was the game between New York Mets versus the San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park . This game had been much siding with the New York Mets as they won the meet and gained popularity for this particular game . It was also the fourth of July of 1994 when the American Top 40 signs off the radio stations in the US as it has been loosing to its rival the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 countdown of songs . The said American Top 40 had been quite a legendary part of the regular airing program of radio stations all around US since it was the program , which began all the music countdowns in the history of American music industry

When it comes to the automobile industry , Porsche became the top selling car model in US and apparently , the most wanted car in the elite society… [banner_entry_footer]

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