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Strategic Management

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Strategic Alliances

Century Pharmaceuticals and Excel Research

Century Pharmaceuticals , Inc . is ready to market dermatology products unavailable on its present market . Excel ‘s excellence in research proves their capabilities of assisting Century Pharmaceuticals ‘ progress through the ranks of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA , but each will remain a separate company in this venture . As CEO , I will use the services to make effective progress towards marketing my products after I receive the official approval from the FDA . This complementary alliance is considered a quity strategic alliance because we are two [banner_entry_middle]

, independent , companies which utilize our services (Excel ‘s research capabilities and Century ‘s pharmaceutical research ) to supply the public with useful products

Century Pharmaceutical ‘s differentiation strategy is perfect for progressing through the ranks of the FDA ‘s regulations . Competitors are using Excel ‘s services as well , but the quality of the products is the primary aspect of reaching the markets in a given amount of time . The effects of re-adjusting and fixating on the purpose (a collaborative alliance ) with the company ‘s research team could give Century Pharmaceuticals ‘ the extra push . Century Pharmaceuticals ‘ conjunction with Excel to respond to the FDA submission requirements penetrated its area in coordinating the appropriate steps for the stages of development

Other competitors are using different research firms , aside from Excel to accomplish the same consistency in their trials but we , at Century are taking our time . The guidelines for producing a high-quality pharmaceutical product require for Excel to assists our faculty when we are in need of better understanding . The elaborative efforts of our company ‘s research team with that of Excel can bring profitable ends as we strategically maneuver within our market . Century Pharmaceuticals competitive advantage over other firms will consists of our products untapped solutions for skin care , and in-depth analysis during our submission period . The collaboration between our companies is a semi-uncertainty reducing strategy to maneuver through the regulations Excel ‘s record shows its services have helped many pharmaceutical such as Century Pharmaceuticals . If Century follows the method accordingly the possibilities are endless and the opportunity lies ahead to get approval

As noted before , Century and Excel ‘s work consists of primary assistance between each firm . We are in need of their excellent skills so they will have more business through our company . Their records explain their abilities to counter the guidelines all pharmaceutical firms need to present their products to the public eye . Dynamically , our association with the research firm puts our cause in a more attractive light because one , we chose the best to assists us in our venture , and two , their abilities are worth the collaboration . Century Pharmaceuticals will be responsible for developing the new treatments while Excel tests its reasonability with the submission guidelines

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