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Strategic Managment

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Running head : Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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Strategic Management

Globalization and its consequences on the world at present is a subject matter that has been argued hundreds of times over the last few years Various reports and debates are repeatedly tinged with mathematical facts outlining a variety of results the process has generated . Though in The World Is Flat : A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century Thomas Friedman offers readers with a fresh point of view on the [banner_entry_middle]

causes and effects of this global force by outlining different cultural factors as well as events that directed to the evolution of the world environment

Friedman sketches his ten forces that endorsed globalization . They are (1 ) The fall of the Berlin Wall (2 ) When Netscape went public (3 ) The beginning of work flow software (4 ) The mount of open-sourcing (5 ) The mount of outsourcing (6 ) The mount of off-shoring (7 ) The mount of supply-chaining (8 ) What he calls in-sourcing (9 ) What he calls in-forming , and lastly (10 ) Steroids

These forces are to a certain extent a compilation of recent happenings that Friedman communicates with attractive transpositions : he refers to the fall of the Berlin Wall as 11 /9 in concurrence to the terrorist attacks of 9 /11 . The Berlin Wall fell on November 9 , 1989

These ten forces are confined by what is named the “triple convergence taking place around the year 2000 or shortly thereafter . The first convergence is the ten forces converging in a balancing manner to allow the world to “take-off ” into an innovative level of development , this is the novel playing field where everyone , anywhere can compete in the economic development process . The second convergence is that these actions caused new ways of doing business that is new processes plus habits of horizontal collaboration . The third convergence was that new players entered into the playing field (primarily India , China , as well as the Eastern European nations ) most of the world ‘s population can now play the game of business and economic development

Thus the first half of the book is dedicated to the ten world and technological events that contributed to what Friedman denoted as the “flattening of the world ” It starts with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and ends with the global establishment of wireless communication The flattening process , as demonstrated by Friedman , contained three major steps the “triple convergence ” The first step is the leveling of the global playing field by the ten forces he outlines . Second , as this process ensues , businesses and individuals are required to build up new habits and skills so as to adjust to this recently flattened environment . Lastly , with a more flattened world , new participants start to enter the scene . These new participants are those nations that were underprivileged of the capability to productively compete in the world economy owing to a lack of needed skills and resources . Though , in spite of these changes , the process… [banner_entry_footer]

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