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Summarize key points of 7 philosopher listed below

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Key Points presented by Philosophers in the 17th Century page 1

Key Points presented by Philosophers in the 17th Century


REALLY , should it not be the purpose of a government to work for the benefit of its subjects ? The well-known American George Washington said that the happiness of society ‘ that is , of the people , is , or ought to be , the end [the objective] of all government ‘ Over the centuries , humankind has lived under hundreds of governments . have truly satisfied the needs of all the people . Whatever the complaints made , however [banner_entry_middle]

, the fact remains that some sort of government is clearly better than no government at all . Without government there would be no it would be no less than mob rule . And if you have ever seen a mob in action you know what that would mean – for in a mob people take the opportunity to vent hatred , greed and viciousness , feeling that no one will identify them for punishment

However , despite of all the disappointments brought about by the human government to the society through the threads of history , philosophers from the olden times up until the present era still believes that the human society could not exist in an organized manner without the existence of a concrete government in authority

In this regard , it is thus essential for the present generation to know the vitality of the philosophies presented by the 17th up until the 21st century philosophers and how much important they are with regards to the political systems existing in the human society today

Key Points presented by Philosophers in the 17th Century page 2

Among the well-known philosophers to be discussed herein are Rene Descartes , Karl Marx , Thomas Hobbes Leviathan , John Locke , Voltaire Candide , Jean Jacques Rousseau , and Montesquieu . These philosophers are most likely agreeing on one theme with regards to their belief of the present situation of the human society and t\its need of having a government to rule over its concerns . In this regard , an analysis would be very beneficial to understand the theories and philosophies formulated by the people mentioned above

The Philosophies

Rene Descartes believes that in many ways , the human society is in dire need of a government to rule over its activities . According to him , it is indeed naturally innate in humans that they are able to solve and face the challenges they are supposed to meet everyday . The fact that they are capable of speculating on the things that might happen through simple application of theories , humans are indeed capable of solving social issues they face . However , it is also evident in his philosophy that to be able to create the necessary solutions for certain problems it is important for humans to attain guidance from a higher sort of authority . This is where a government enters the scenario , which is ought to give guidance to the society on how they are supposed to deal with the numerous problems that occur in the society every now and… [banner_entry_footer]

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