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Summer Fog in San Francisco

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San Francisco Fog

San Francisco is dubbed as the Land of Summer Fog . Every summer , a fog envelops the San Francisco Bridge . Many visitors are amazed to find out that San Francisco is cold in summer . Every guidebook warns about our summer fog and advises to dress in layers . Of course , the many sweatshirt vendors are most d that tourists fail to prepare for our nippy summers . As Herb Caen wrote

The miraculous thing about the annual summer miracle is that the miracle continues . The fog is on schedule , morning and night [banner_entry_middle]

, billowing through the Golden Gate despite the indignant protests of the horns under the great bridge . The tourists shiver and wrap themselves in their own arms but continue to walk around in their undershorts . I believe they are shivering in delight , actually . I don ‘t know who started the fad , now custom , of traveling in shorts rather than on the shorts but it is probably the same oaf who first removed his suit jacket upon being seated at a restaurant table

Summer fog is more specifically known as radiation fog . This phenomenon is most frequent during the long , clear nights of autumn , though it may occur at any season , particularly in rather stagnant air conditions near the center of a high-pressure area . The fog sometimes appears to rise from the ground but actually , the only thing that rises is a zone of temperatures lower than the dewpoint of the air in question . As the ground and the moist air immediately above the ground slowly radiate their warmth away into space , the temperature of this lower air falls approaching its dewpoint . When the two coincide , fog appears in visible form . As the top of the fog layer itself radiates away heat much faster than dry air , the fog usually continues to deepen until sunrise According to San Francisco Government Website , San Francisco ‘s summer fog forms when a warm air mass flows across a cooler ocean . The surface waters near the coast are much colder than offshore Pacific surface waters

Another San Francisco resident , Harold Gilliam , informed that the San Francisco Bay Region

the characteristic summer fog is regarded as a boon and a blessing bring the clean , salty aroma of the Pacific and keeping the days refreshingly cool as it advances from the ocean in fantastic flowing forms that from day to day are unique and unpredictable . Shaped by the slant of the California coastline and the oceanic currents of wind and water , by the presence of a strait and estuary penetrating the coastal mountain ranges , and by the hill-and-valley contours of San Francisco and the Bay Region , the advance of the summer fog inland from the Pacific is one of the planet ‘s most awesome natural spectacles . The Golden Gate is the only complete breach in the Coast Range , which bs the Paci ?c for most of California ‘s length . As a result , the Bay Region is the meeting place of continental and oceanic air masses Through… [banner_entry_footer]

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