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Surveillance Surveillance

The tragic incidents of September 11 , 2001 , radically manifested the ambit of action and effective backlash of terrorism . This scenario made national security and protection of citizens a major concern for the American government . American government took all substantial and accelerated measure to meet the requirements of this crucial period of history . The establishment of the Department of Homeland Security was an apt and appropriate counter-measure by the U .S . to the terrorism defiance . The government further explored other avenues to develop a perfect security [banner_entry_middle]

model and indulged other community groups i .e scholars , scientists , and technologists with their intellectual and technological capabilities

The National Strategy for Homeland Security depicts some of the broad features for national security . The Homeland Security Department has pointed out six major action areas and has agenda to consolidate its efforts in these spheres . These include intelligence and warning b and transportation security domestic counterterrorism protecting critical infrastructures defending against terrorism and emergency preparedness and response (Yen , John . 2004 ) The first three areas are related to avoidance of attack in the American territory and its interest worldwide while latter activities include minimizing the defenselessness of America to terrorist attacks and reduction of harms and damages from these terrorist activities

Technological advancements and innovations in communications have enabled the security agencies to locate , counter and overcome the terrorist activities worldwide . These scientific advancements must play their all-encompassing , essential role in surmounting many challenges posed by terrorist such as information collection , interception etc outlined in the above-mentioned National Strategy for Homeland Security

John Yen (2004 ) cites the research study of Popp et al . that illustrates the working effectiveness of a number of DARPA-sponsored research initiatives for counterterrorism . The initiatives recommends following measures for effective and efficient counterterrorism centrality of working association and active alliances between different agencies vigorous interpretation and timely decision-making strategies to sustain the active alliances ‘ information sharing and collective problem solving . It further includes detection of multilingual codes and its translation and interpretation through ICTs according to the surveillance needs (Cited in Yen , John . 2004

Another measure adopted by the American government is promulgation and enactment of Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 , famously known as Patriot Act . This Act authorizes law enforcement agencies to take appropriate measure against any activity of terrorism . It further eases out some of the legal and constitutional impediments from the way of these law-enforcing institutes . Charles Doyle , Senior Specialist American Law Division discuses the objectives and effectiveness of this Patriot Act in The Congressional Research Service (CRS ) Report for Congress report entitled “The USA PATRIOT Act : A Sketch ” The report describes the Patriot Act as an apt and appropriate measure to acts of terrorism , providing the authority to surveillance agencies and law enforcement officials to track and intercept communication . It further authorizes Treasury Office to locate and embark upon the corrupt practices for foreign money laundering . It removes the unnecessary hurdles for officials and… [banner_entry_footer]

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