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Sweat shops in Central America

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Sweatshops in Central America

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Sweatshops : An Introduction

A sweatshop is a work place , often a factory , in which employees work long hours at low wages under pitiable conditions . Despite the fact that sweatshops in effect disappeared after World War II as a result of increased government regulations and the rise of unions , they have resurfaced , and are gradually increasing in number all over the world This is due , in large part , to economic globalization . Multinational corporations have [banner_entry_middle]

been moving production facilities out of democratic industrial nations into poor , developing countries so as to take advantage of cheap labor and to evade scrutiny from governments and human rights organizations . MNC ‘s are anxious with the production of goods for world markets at lowest possible costs so as to take advantage of profit . Regrettably , the abuse of workers is universally a consequence of this global “development . Surprisingly , sweatshops are not limited to poor and developing nations . The Department of Labor points toward that 50 of garment factories in the U .S . abuse two or more basic labor laws , establishing them as sweatshops . Sweatshops exist wherever there is an opportunity to take advantage of workers who lack the knowledge and resources to stand up for themselves . Usual sweatshop employees , ninety percent of whom are women , are young and uneducated . Many of them are recent or undocumented immigrants who are ignorant of their legal rights . Women all over the world are subject to horrible working conditions and untold injustices since corporations many of which are U .S .-owned , can get away with it

Working Conditions in Sweatshops

Sweatshops violate women ‘s human rights all over the world . Common abuses include low wages that fail to meet basic costs of living inferior and unsafe working and living conditions , long hours of overtime for which employees are not rewarded , and sexual harassment Over and above these , women are often forced into indentured servitude Lured by recruiters who guarantee wonderful opportunities in foreign lands , women often pay thousands of dollars in recruitment and contract “fees , tying themselves to contractual obligations that can last for years . As their wages are often only .10 to .20 per hour , the women may receive no wages for years as they try to pay off these debts . If the women try to return home without fulfilling their contractual obligations , they are often blacklisted , fined , or arrested . Many women are not paid even without such debt . Sweatshops often fail to pay their employees on time , if in any way . The workers , who are often ignorant of their rights , have no choice but to continue to work for the reason that sweatshop managers threaten and punish them for defiance

Many of these factories , in addition to the women ‘s living quarters , are full , filthy , and rat-infested . They are located behind barbed wire fences that are monitored by armed guards . Not only are the women not allowed to come and go freely… [banner_entry_footer]

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