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system security

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system security

2006 System Security

I . Introduction

The invention of ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer ) in late 1940s becomes first step towards the fast development of computer technology in the future . The first generation computer that weighed about 30 short tons and took 167 square meters immediately grew in speed but reduce significantly in size . Currently , personal computer (PC ) only takes small office space , less than 1 square meter

The next step in computer technology is to connect one computer to another in a networked system in to enable [banner_entry_middle]

the computers communicate one to another . The so-called online system has enabled a user to update data in remote computers in real time without the need to send a bulk of data via email

However , a networked system also provides risks since it is prone to distributed malicious ware (malware ) that intends to break up security and further can steal critical information from an enterprise information system

The situation suggests that expensive computerized system employed in an organization means nothing if the enterprise does not provide appropriate level of security . Therefore , security issues in networked system continue rising since enterprises are afraid of losing important information

Concerning the security issue and computerized system , this will elaborate system security and impacts of privacy consideration on an organization AIS (Accounting Information System . In addition , this also discusses disaster recovery plan , current AIS technologies e-business technologies (B2B , B2C , and XBRL , and electronic data interchange (EDI

II . Disaster Recovery /Contingency Plan

II .1 Procedures to detect Vulnerabilities and Increase Security System

II .1 .1 Network Vulnerabilities Detection

As explained above , security has become concerns of enterprises when they decide to employ computerized system . However , according to one survey conducted in 1999 , only 17 per cent enterprises that considers the importance of security in e-commerce while the others concern on competition ( Fear of Competition

Despite the less concerns on security issue , for those who pay greater attention on network security there are several procedures to detect vulnerabilities

Step 1 : Data Collection and Network Identification

In this step , administrator will gather information about the nature of network and exchange information with the client . Furthermore , this step also composes of several activities such as identification of confirmation of network components and services , connectivity of network (routers , modems , etc , accessibility to find out who have critical access to networks (Computer Technology Associates (CTA , 2002

Step 2 : Technical Security Assessment

This is the most critical steps in determining the vulnerabilities of a network since during this step there are in-depth searches for security weaknesses in network components . This step also intends to figure out whether there are individuals that can remotely exploit vulnerabilities in a network by employing network ‘s external connectivity (CTA , 2002

Step 3 : Site Assessment

In the third step , administrator or any authorized individuals of a network will perform several actions such as on-site assessment on network environment , security environment , network operation , and security management (CTA , 2002

To be precise , during this step… [banner_entry_footer]

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