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Systems Development and Project Management

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Information Technology provides for a new channel in the dissemination of marketing and investor information , product distribution , and service delivery as well as provides tools for rapid decision support , just-in time inventory , and a repertoire of various benefits that leverage on the immediate availability of information . To be competitive , it is of primary importance that our company invests in an IT infrastructure to tap this new [banner_entry_middle]

product , service , or information delivery channel as well as leverage on the huge potentials of quick information for robust opportunities in terms of greater savings , new businesses , or more efficient operations . While our CEO recognizes the importance of IT and is committed to developing an in-house information systems development staff , let me present the various stages , methods , techniques , tools and strategies in the development of software , as well as point out the various pitfalls and traps in this undertaking . Information systems development may have its benefits but it can also come up with various risks that can be potentially damaging to our company if poorly managed Except for the recommendations , the ideas and issues that follow have been generally derived from Roger S . Pressman ‘s (2005 ) book entitled Software Engineering : A Practitioner ‘s Approach

Here is the first issue . The systems development lifecycle (SDLC pertains to many choices , and each choice corresponds to a set of steps or stages that are significantly different from each model or methodology . Some models and methodologies are as follows (1 waterfall (2 ) fountain (3 ) spiral (4 ) build and fix (5 ) rapid prototyping (6 ) incremental and (7 ) synchronize and stabilize . The most successful software developer in the world , Microsoft , has an additional set of approaches in its portfolio of models and methodologies (1 ) it buys the entire company that develops the software it cannot successfully develop and / or (2 ) pirate entire teams of software architects , software engineers , test engineers , analysts programmers , etc . who have successfully developed a desirable software application . Each model or methodology can have its distinct advantages and pitfalls . However , the greatest pitfall of all models and methodologies , except for the additional approaches of Microsoft as described here , is the incubation period or the software configuration and management (SCM ) phase . SCM is necessary to establish stability . In short , no matter how speedy the model ‘s or methodologies ‘ name implies software development takes time . And by the time a software is finally developed , new software or hardware would have had made the software application obsolete compared to a newer alternative

Here is the second issue . Aside from models and methodologies , systems development usually comes with tools such as the approach of the programming language in the form of object-oriented programming for instance versus procedural programming . Two programmers that each specialize in one form would have difficulty understanding the other Hence , a unified modeling language (UML ) that can be universally understood by different programmers who may… [banner_entry_footer]

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