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Jiao Ritual

Firstly it is necessary to notice that Chinese jiao ‘ means sacrifice Saso (1990 ) says that n ancient times jiao ritual referred to a to a pledge in wine at the wedding ceremony or at the coming of age of a son . Nevertheless , nowadays jiao is used to describe the sacrificial part of major Daoist services . Historically jiao was associated with the rites of penitence and abstinence (zhai . Jiao was influenced by Buddhist religion and slightly changed the meaning stating that jiao is the ritual for the salvation of the ancestors [banner_entry_middle]

(Wu 1974

Daosist priests performed jiao sacrifices with the purpose to renew the covenant of community , to protect it and to bless the community . Jiao is being practiced nowadays in Taiwan . It is known that jiao ritual performs many different functions depending on the purpose . it is apparent that jiao ritual is of great significance for Taoism . Generally jiao ritual is respected and honored , because its aim is to

to provide peace and safety (ping ‘an jiao

to prevent epidemics and serious illnesses (wen jiao

to bless in general (qingcheng jiao

to protect from natural disasters such as fires , floods , draughts etc (Wu 1974

Jiao is showered with a specific meaning , because people believe ritual will assist them in better future and will provide them with necessary things . Jiao gives people the hope and leads them through smoothes and roughs of their lives . People need something to believe in , because no stimulus remains without belief . Also it is evident that jiao ritual is respected as it is one of the most ancient rituals in the religion (Wickeri 1995

It is known that jiao rituals are held irregularly or at fixed intervals . Jiao duration is from one up to seven days and customs completely depend on them . It is necessary to underline that the main difference between jiao ritual and other religious services is that jiao addresses the powers of the Three Pure Ones being the hypostases of the Dao . Frankly saying jiao is not simply praying gods . It is showered with more sense and significance . Usually public is allowed to take part in jiao rituals , though it is forbidden to enter the sacred arena where the ritual is preformed (Thomson 1991

The purpose of jiao ritual is to communicate with deities of popular religion and especially with Three Pure Ones . The ritual consists of announcement of the jiao celebration , invitation and call to attend the festival , feasting during ritual , presenting official petitions , seeking for expressing penitence and forgiveness of sins , the covenant between the highest powers and the community , etc . Salvation of souls is also an essential part of the jiao ritual . It is seen that jiao ritual is one of the brightest rituals and its significance can ‘t be either ignored or neglected (Saso 1990

Jiao ‘s officiates involve a high priest , several assistants , small group of musicians . The special status and privileges obtain the donors in the community . People of the community involved in the ritual… [banner_entry_footer]

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