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Task Management

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Task Management


E-60 is a company hosting the selling activities of music memorabilia These memorabilia includes old albums from different institutional figures in the music industry , as well as the trendy gadgets produced based upon the existing popular music . The said company was established around 1960 ‘s and has been faring well in sales revenues fro the time it began to the 1990 ‘s . However , because of the rising demand of the society for music and well developed systems in connection with it , the sales [banner_entry_middle]

of E-60 dropped down as the modern technologies enter the scene of product distribution

Being a medium scale business , E-60 ‘s transactions are mainly done through posts . The s are sent through the mail and are also replied by product delivery through mail as well . The advertising system used by the said company is the utilization of printed media . Catalogues and leaflets are among the most effective ways that the company finds helpful in gaining good results of sales . The office established by the company is located in a place outside the city . It has a main offices , which only eight are used by E-60 personnels . The employees in the said company are known to be 25 full time workers and five part time staffs . These people work together as a team in both advertising and selling the products through mails

At first , this set up has been rather effective for the company However , as time

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passes , technology gains more and more sophisticated , and due to this reason , rivalries arise every now and then which contributed to the drop down of the sales activities of the E-60 company

To be able to get along with the development of the industry , E-60 tries to innovate the system they use for the activities of the company Today , the internet is considered to be one of the most practical and the fastest way of sending data towards the other sites in the whole world . One of the original Internet goals was global information sharing . Just as we locate a phone number by using a telephone directory , a user may find locations of interest on the Internet by first gaining access to what are known as search sites . The user supplies a word or a phrase the site then replies with a list of Internet locations where information can be found . Generally , the search is free and takes only a few seconds

As for example a farmer had heard of a new technique called precision farming , which uses computers and satellite maps . By entering that phrase at a search site , he found the names of farmers who were using it as well as detailed information about the method

The part of the Internet called World Wide Web (or , Web ) allows authors to use an old-fashioned idea – that of footnotes – in a new way . When an author of a magazine article or a book inserts a footnote symbol , we scan the… [banner_entry_footer]

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