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task management

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Task Management


Task Management

Task 1 . Project aims and objectives

The strategic goal of the project is the establishment of the efficient integrated information system for the company

In to achieve the strategic goal , the following objectives are going to be implemented

Incorporation of matrix structure

Introduction of the modern information system based on the latest achievements in the computers field

Facilitation of administration functions management

Introduction of new accounting software

Automation of accounts reports creation for customers

Easy creation of management reports for partners [banner_entry_middle]

p Provision of sufficient support and control for the system

Introduction of democratic leadership style

Maintenance of communications between all the levels of employees engaged in the project

Due to the large number of objectives set for the project , there are certain complications and constraints which can arise during its implementation . The major constraints include

Complete absence of the modern information system in the company at present

Limited budget assigned for the creation of the integrated information system

Limited period of time for the development of the project and its implementation

Limited knowledge of employees about modern accounting software and new information technologies

The establishment of the efficient information system for the company as the strategic goal is a complicated task because the level of efficiency can be estimated only through the needs of the particular company . In the companies which did not have any integrated information system in the past , it is difficult to determine what the main features of the information system are the most efficient for it

For example , the accounting practice currently has a very low-developed information system which does not answer the requirements of the modern world . All of the employees in the practice have stand alone PCs with standard packages (word processing , spreadsheets and accounting software . This type of system can work for a short while for a company which does not plan on expansion . It can be efficient only for a short while because as soon as the company gets new customers , employees will be unable to monitor most of the activities . Besides , this system does not provide easy communication between employees . It also creates barriers for partners ‘ supervision of all the activities which are happening in the company

The existing system needs to undergo many changes for it to become efficient . However , it is difficult for the IT project manager to determine all of the characteristics of the new system which will be beneficial for the company . Only after the system is implemented and works for a short time , it will be possible to make a conclusion about its efficiency . Until that time , it will be impossible to determine whether the task of creation of the efficient information system has been achieved

An important problem which can put obstacles for the project implementation is the limited budget . The requirements of the modern era are very strict , and in to be successful , the companies need to spend maximum resources on information systems . If the systems which… [banner_entry_footer]

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