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Tea plantation

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Summary : This is 3-page . The is in MLA format . The discusses the Tea Plantation and Manufacturing in China

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Tea Plantation and Tea Manufacturing in China


A drink with an unforgettable taste , texture and smell , tea has been enjoyed for centuries . Tea is often overlooked as a simple drink that accompanies breakfast or a nighttime snack . People forget that tea existed before much of the world was inhabited . The west has only had tea for 500 years . Tea has been a witness to the [banner_entry_middle]

most exciting and tragic events of the past . But in the east tea has been used for several purposes for thousands of years . One of the most ancient users of tea in the east is China . Chinese people have been using this fragrance leaves since the beginning of their recorded history . This will discuss different aspects of tea plantation and manufacturing in China as I have perceived during my visit their

Tea Plantation and Manufacturing in China

As I boarded my plane to Shanghai last year one of my goals was to explore the mystic history of tea in the country where it originated and examine the history that stretches back thousands of years in Chinese history . We arrived in Shanghai late in the evening and headed out the next morning on the Yi-xing . This is the home of China ‘s most famous teapots produced in striking purple sand clay . These earthenware teapots are beautiful in pictures but stunning in person . They have been made for hundreds of decades , the first dating back to Christopher Columbus . Oddly , that is early in the history of tea and teapots in china . It was that craftsman , today and years ago , created beautiful hand made teapots employing skills that have been passed on for generations . Lu Yu was said to have written the first book about tea and the tea ceremony . We moved from Yi-xing to the tea plantations of Longjing . It is here that rows upon rows of tea plants can be seen They dominated the environment and seduce the observer into staring Much like Niagria Falls which is said to draw people in , so too does the great tea plantations of China . The curves of the land are enhanced the tea plant ‘s delicate features . Biluochun , Guzhu , and Purple Bamboo are grown here . As night fell we approach the capital of the Song dynasty and the plantations here reflected the moonlight . The entire fields glowed with a mystical light and I wondered how many people over the centuries had stood exactly where I did , intoxicated by the surroundings . Dragon Well in the city of Hangzhou and is what westerners call green tea

I lingered in the moon light , inhaling the cleanest air I have ever smelled . We slept and as morning approached I was anxious to taste the tea I had just recently become acquainted with . We attended a tea ceremony , which was preceded by the making of the… [banner_entry_footer]

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