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Technology Impact

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Technology Impact on Consumers


Technology is one of the influential factors in the society . It has effects on the different aspects and groups in the community and in the market and corporate world . One important element that is considered in the study of the feasibility in the application and the utilization of a particular technology created and introduced in the market is the impact that it bring about to the consumers and the general public

In the study and exploration of the different types of technology , the different field in [banner_entry_middle]

the society becomes the main focus . Technology being a significant factor in the market and the society , affects the telecommunication , education , government and even the travel and transportation aspects

Travel business is one of the groups in the market and in the society that is affected by the technological innovations that are introduced The impact of the technology such as in the travels business can be attributed to the process that occurs in a society when an innovation is introduced . The social movement and reaction incurred from the consumers can be attributed to the effects that were brought about by the introduction of any innovation in the market . Reactions can be deemed as positive or negative which is in relation to the success of the technique applied (Heath and Luff , 2000

The Impact of Technology

In any type of business the effects of any innovation can result to social action ‘ of the reactions of the population . This can either increase or decrease the profit of the company . One of the examples that can be given with regards to innovation in the corporate world is the effects brought about by the information and the computer technology . This technology holds both advantageous and disadvantageous effects on the travel business systems as well as in other forms of organizations and businesses (Heath and Luff , 2000

Some of the benefits that can be incurred in the introduction of new technology in the company , such as the computer technology , are utilized due to the fact that it can increase the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the company . The innovation and application of new technologies can be considered as an important precursor in the growth development of any company (Heath and Luff , 2000 Mcloughlin , 1999

Thus , it can be surmised that any company that aim to improve its performance in serving its clientele and achieving goals such as expansion of the company apply technological innovation to be able to increase performance . It can be deemed that although there are trade-offs with the use of pioneer technology it is the fact that through utilization techniques that can be used to maximize the benefits can be achieved

One of the organizations involved in the travel business in the United States is the Travel Industry Association of America that aims to give the consumers a convenient way of travel preparations . The company is using the information and communication technology such as the internet and the computer systems… [banner_entry_footer]

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