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TEchnology Implementation Plan

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Rapid developments in technology create a need for innovation . In to remain competitive in a contemporary market place , companies introduce new technologies that allow standardization of the process and , consequently , lead to cost minimization . When introducing a new technological system , it is essential to develop a well organized plan that covers the possible sources of funding , defines the needs and identifies resources . As we other strategic plans , technological plan involves process coordination , accounting for achieved results , bringing necessary changes and making adjustments , support . Technological planning can be broadly divided [banner_entry_middle]

into four major categories : project planning , implementation planning , training planning , and support strategies with different needs for external input from organizational employees and tech staff

Project Planning

Project planning is the first stage of a plan carried and primarily refers to informal planning carried out by organizational leaders . At this stage , it is essential to identify the need for a change . Project planning flows from company objectives , to outcomes , to outputs , and to resources needed for implementation . At this stage , there is no evaluation plan , instead it is essential to concentrate on present organizational conditions such as technology attitudes and culture internal and external information systems , technology infrastructure current policies . At this stage , the technological support and training plans are kept in mind , but yet to be developed (Boyd and Bagley , 2000

When developing a project plan , one should emphasize the importance of clear objectives that are grounded on a solid technological background As such , even though at this stage , planning is carried out by an organizational leader , it is essential to consult tech staff to ensure that objectives and timeliness of events set are realistic Consequently , a leader should reveal information about the overall intentions and goals of the project in to receive support and suggestions from professionals in the field

Implementation Planning

When it comes to implementation planning , implementation goals are focused on efforts which includes the work of installing , planning for human resources and financial needs , setting the timeline of the project . At this stage , there are distinctly addressed priority initiatives that are followed by secondary initiative to be followed by management . It is essential to make financial projections about the future possible funding needs . It is also crucial to plan for the specific measurable goals to be achieved in the future and set the milestones of technological plan implementation . The primary managerial concern at this stage is the acquisition , infrastructure , installation and maintenance (Boyd and Bagley , 2000

Implementation planning cannot be carried out without the input of organizational employees . Firstly , there is a distinct need to involve IT professionals with the specific background for objective planning infrastructure development , and acquisition of the required equipment Secondly , as the plan involves financial projections , it is essential to attract company accountants for assistance and evaluation of the present company ‘s financial position . It might be also desired to involve employees whose operations will be directly influenced by implementation of the plan . It should be further noted that… [banner_entry_footer]

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