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telling a story of a single scene

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Trial By the Mirror

Underneath the shadows of the other side of time

If there is a hell then there must be a behind

-Insane Clown Posse , Echo Side

She is led into the room by two strong men , plump and middle age . The dark blonde hair quivers as she sobs . Her legs tremble and give way , and her eyes , fallen in deeply an a face that was formerly round , are pleading . She is flopped down onto the chair designated for those condemned to the Highest Measure , and looks at us , holding [banner_entry_middle]

clenched hands to her mouth

We – Nikolas and I – look at her indifferently

Marjorie Penant ‘ Nickolas states

She nods numbly

You have killed ‘ He starts repeating her sentence to her . We are required to do it . Psychological torture it may be , but it ‘s part of the common procedure now . Something required before we finish our job . It is difficult otherwise , to

I have killed no one ‘ Her voice rings out suddenly , kicking my train of thought off track . Damn condemned

Yet this just may have been worth interrupting my musings for a moment Most condemned lose all sense of will before the Highest Measure . She stands now , shaking not with fear , but with rage . Nikolas nods slightly his perpetual boredom somewhat alleviated . Interesting – and it would seem it ‘s my turn to speak

Really ‘ Only one word . I know my voice is darkly musical . This is my gift , my power , so to speak

The word echoes almost visibly through her body , making her consider and reconsider , invoking into her things that she might not want to remember , as forceful as the call of hunger after many days of starvation . She covers her ears , and stands erect for a couple of seconds , only to fall to the floor with a shriek . N-no

My lips curl into a smirk . As expected . Ninety-nine percent of humans can ‘t stand my voice . sBut what ‘s this

I . Killed . Nobody ‘ She grunts through clenched teeth I ‘ve . Killed . NOBODY

I cast a glance at Nikolas , who calmly continues reading her sentence You have killed three children , by exposing them to Matters of the Soul early

She raises a tear-stained face , and her voice is strangely clear , as she pronounces : I . Killed . Not . One . Of . Them ‘ She sits up with obvious difficulty . Your system did

You went against it . And took them with you ‘ Nikolas says calmly

Because it ‘s nonsense ‘ She says sharply

I raise an eyebrow calmly . Looks like I was mistaken in my first impression . She is not the simpleton she initially looked to be . I had even wondered why she earned her measure . I no longer wonder

Really ‘ You are despicable – this is what my voice says this time You decided their fates , and their deaths are only your fault . You should cry with relief that we are a humane society and merely killed them – not did what we are going to do to you . Be self-contemptuous , be afraid… [banner_entry_footer]

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