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There are many literal ways which can be used to draw the attention on an issue or a past event . In William Shakespeare ‘s case , he used one of his characters to identify and place inside specific coordinates a certain previous experience which is strictly connected to the evolution of the plot . There are indeed different opinions on the matter which point to the I Act , scene 2 from The Tempest as being a mere descriptive passage . theless , it must be seen in the context of the entire play . Its main intention is [banner_entry_middle]

to point out the punishment of evil deeds therefore it deals with serving moral justice . Thus , it was important that the main character have a moral and well defined justification for the actions that would constitute the trigger for the entire plot of the play . At the same time however , the of the past which Prospero makes in the beginning can also be interpreted as a symbolic means for pointing out that change and punishment cannot be left to the hands of faith , but rather that one must take the duty of provoking it

On the one hand , Prospero is a literary instrument used by Shakespeare to motivate the actions to follow . In his speech , Prospero ‘s audience is not just his daughter but also the general public . He is very careful in describing the entire history with his brother from a personal subjective point of view , so as to create a positive attitude towards his actions . Prospero is one of Shakespeare ‘s traditional heroes in search of justice therefore the morality of his actions is also determinate by the approval of those surrounding him . Consequently despite the fact that the events he portrays to Miranda are rather obvious , they are intended to underline the personal approach and the emphasis on the subjective interpretation of Prospero ‘s relationship with Antonio

The second scene of the play can have another meaning as well . From a different level of analysis , the fragment may constitute a statement concerning the causality of any change meant to happen . The play is indeed one with numerous elements which point to the fantasy register and the playwright gives them a more profound meaning that is to indicate the importance of intervention in actions which need to be changed . After pointing out the background of the play through Prospero ‘s s , Shakespeare also places him in relation with Ariel , the Spirit of the family , which gives Prospero a different perspective . He is seen as able to manage occult forces and supernatural events . Seen from a more detached analytical perspective , it can be said that Shakespeare intended to point out the fact that change cannot be achieved but through intervention actions and that making justice is indeed a supreme moral goal and in achieving it , all forces are combined

Taking all this into consideration , and agreeing on such points of view it is hard to imagine a different approach Shakespeare could have used to both… [banner_entry_footer]

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