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The Church’s Role during the Black Lynching

March 20, 2016 | Author: | Posted in ethnic and area studies, social sciences

Interracial Commission turned increasingly to the factual documentation of the region ‘s ills

Will Alexander and Jessie Daniel Ames opened the Atlanta conference with a review of the history of lynching and of the efforts of the CIC to combat it . Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary , many southerners still denied that lynching was peculiar to the South or had anything to do with race . Jessie Daniel Ames presented precise information : in the 204 lynchings only 29 percent of the victims were even accused of crimes against white women . This simple [banner_entry_middle]

statistical fact would form the cornerstone of the anti-lynching campaign . As the program and methods of the new organization evolved over time , its leaders developed a variety of strategies to combat racial violence and to link it with other issues . But throughout the twelve-year history of the group , its main purpose would be to hammer home the argument that black men did not provoke lynching by raping white women . Constituting themselves the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching , they issued a statement to the press , putting themselves definitely on record as opposed to this crime in every form and under all circumstances . In addition , they sent telegrams to each southern governor calling upon him to use his power and influence to prevent mob violence and pledging the political support of organized women to public officials who upheld the law . A similar group of southwestern women meeting in Dallas adopted an anti-lynching resolution and agreed to join in a region-wide women ‘s movement against vigilante justice

Major white denominations like the United Church of Christ , the United Methodist Church , the Presbyterians , Episcopalians , Lutherans , and others have moved rapidly in the past two decades to include women among the ranks of ministers at almost all levels . Some of… [banner_entry_footer]

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