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The Coconut Grove fire in Boston, Massachusetts

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The infamous incident that took place on Shawmut Street ‘s Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston is often known as the Coconut Grove Fire . The cold evening of November 28 in 1942 became one of the darkest moments in American history . This is the same spot where the Boston ‘s Raddison Hotel stands tall today . The impact of the accident was so grave that there was a popular myth for several years that of the institutions in Boston were permitted to be called as Coconut Grove by the Boston Licensing Board

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night of the accident , the tropical themed club was as usual buzzing with people . The restaurants , lounges and bars in the club had been decorated with artificial palm trees made of , draperies for ceiling made of cloth and other inflammable furniture , serving as ideals fuels to the fire . Some of the exit signs were not clearly visible as the decorations were distracting them and added up to the chaos of the situation (Wikipedia , 2006

The first floor of the club had housed the Broadway lounge and the Melody lounge was located in the basement . Nearly a people were in attendance on the fatal night by around 10 pm . However this was roughly twice the actual permissible capacity of the facility The fire had actually originated in the Melody lounge . A customer had removed a light bulb from an artificial palm tree since he wanted a bit of privacy . It is also popularly said , although not officially confirmed that this man was a soldier who eventually removed the bulb to kiss his date

Since the bulb had been removed from the socket , a young sixteen year old boy named Stanley Tomaszewski was given the responsibility of putting back the bulb in its place . Tomaszewski had been working as a busboy in the club . When he got on to the task of securing the bulb back in the socket , he accidentally dropped the bulb . It was quite dark at that place and this prompted him to light a matchstick to locate where the socket was . He was able to locate it using the light created by the matchstick and immediately blew off the matchstick

After a short while , Tomaszewski had managed to put back the bulb in the socket . Suddenly , a fire had suddenly started in the lounge . The waiters ‘ efforts of putting out the fire by splashing water ended in vain as the fire started to spread vigorously . The inflammable decorations including the artificial palm trees played their part in providing fuel to sustain the fire . The draperies in the walls and table increased the intensity of the fire . The fire had now started to spread to the other levels of the club through the stairway

The momentum gathered by the flames of fire turned it into a fireball which spread to the dance floor . The path of the fire was unstoppable as it fled to the Caricature Bar . As the fire gained oxygen , it spread to… [banner_entry_footer]

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