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the declaration of independence& the involvement of African-Americans

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The Declaration of Independence and the Involvement of Afro-Americans

Afro-Americans consist of both slaves and free blacks who served both sides during the war . Although earlier barred from enlisting in the army , as the war progressed , and the British soldiers far outnumbered the American troops , both the northern and the southern colonies began to enlist blacks . Although a large number of slaves joined the British who offered a better deal of immediate freedom , many blacks still served the American side . A large number of blacks served in the continental navy and state [banner_entry_middle]

navies although they were not allowed to serve in the American military , and served only as privates .1 The armed services during the revolution were largely integrated with only a few isolated units . All black units were formed in Rhode Islands and Massachusetts with mainly slave recruits who were promised freedom for serving America . At least 5 ,000 black soldiers fought for the revolutionary cause . While the large majority of Afro-American troops fighting in the revolutionary war will always be nameless entity , there were several who made their mark in history , by rendering distinguished service . Both Prince Whipple and Oliver Cromwell crossed the Delaware with George Washington on Christmas Day in 1776 . According to many reports , Peter Salem killed the British major , John Pitcairn , at the Battle of Bunker Hill and rose to fame .2

Despite the fact that the Afro-Americans had been important contributors to the making of America , nineteenth century historians took little notice of what they had done . Thousands of black had fought in the revolutionary army but these black patriots were hardly mentioned by those penning the story of American independence . The eloquent bard of freedom John , G . Whitter made a sentimental statement in the National era in the year 1847 which reflected the contribution made by the coloured Americans in the military service in the revolutions of 1776 and the war of 1812 . Whitter lamented that the nation remembered and gave recognition to the heroes of the war of independence , by class and complexion only and role played by the coloured soldiers in the American freedom struggle Neither had there been any attempt to preserve the record of the valiant black soldiers of the war of independence .3

The declaration of 1776 on its very first page declared all men to be created equal , yet while Americans celebrate the anniversary of freedom and independence , blacks were still enslaved in all the states but one This inspired the revolution of the black race , including revenge upon their enslavers in Saint Dominique . Abraham Bishop pointed to the declaration in praising the Saint Dominique slave revolt , and stressed the point made in the declaration that all men are free , irrespective of colour , creed , and race .4 The blacks considered freedom and equality to be their birth right and it did not lose its relevance after expulsion of the British from the American soil . The sense of euphoria of the white Americans did not reflect in their… [banner_entry_footer]

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