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The Fall of the Roman Empire

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The Collapse of the Roman Empire

The Collapse of the Roman Empire To modern eyes and minds , the collapse of the Roman Empire resonates dramatically , illustrating both the efficacy of careful government , as well as the imperial corruption . Although Imperial Rome ’93fell ’94 in the fifth century A .D , strands of Roman culture endured throughout the Venetian Republic , the Byzantine Empire , and in Western Christendom which ’93 the Latin language over the vernacular for the next thousand years ’94 Such a sophisticated and nearly indelible cultural and political behemoth [banner_entry_middle]

such as the Roman Empire was not brought down by a single , cause but rather by a collusion of negative influences . Also at play , perhaps , were positive influences of cultural evolution , as this will examine (Bonta , 2005

One of the primary reasons for the Roman Empire ’92s collapse was a cultural and moral ’93revolution ’94 in the post-Republic Empire which saw ’93a revolution not only in political but in moral and even religious manners . By the first century B .C , sexual mores had been abandoned , and the former sanctity of marriage forgotten . Crime , once almost unknown in Rome , became rampant ’94 (Bonta , 2005

Similarly , on a cultural and moral level , Mithran cults ’93contaminated ’94 the ’93simplicity of the authentic Roman religion ’94 so , by the late 2nd century A .D , the religion of Mithra ’93had permeated every level of Roman society . This cult was in fact a vast secret society consecrated to emperor-worship and to the amoral doctrine of radical dualism–the idea that good and evil are eternal absolutely equivalent principles that must both be appeased ’94 (Bonta , 2005 . Roman military strength had always been an important part of the early Roman concept of virtue and morales that is : a ’93martial ’94 sense of ethics pervaded early Roman culture . ’93Her citizen soldiers were fearless and superbly organized . The Roman genius for soon led to innovations

The Collapse of the Roman Empire Page -2- in military science that made the Roman legions a virtually invincible fighting force for centuries ’94 (Bonta , 2005

Rome ‘s military pride and conquests reinforced a predilection for warfare that helped to ultimately undermine Roman strength . Even Republican Rome was ’93unwilling to interrupt her ceaseless warfare at the water ‘s edge , and plunged into overseas empire building at the first challenge from abroad ’94 In fact , the notion of Rome as a martial state may well eclipse the historical resonance of the Roman Republics or other eras : ’93the Roman Empire that defined the “classic ” may be seen as a dictatorship , supported by military force (Potter , 2004 ,


Roman culture de-emphasized the value of human life and individual dignity . ’93The Twelve Tables of Roman law required the killing of deformed infants ’94 and the Roman armies usually fought ’93without negotiation and without quarter for the vanquished ’94 This ’93classic ’94 Rome was facilitated by ’93a system of government that allowed countless… [banner_entry_footer]

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