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The Happiest and Saddest You`ve Felt

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The Happiest and Saddest You have Felt


Many memories of different events in life with all the details regarding their circumstances , feelings and emotions , never go away they stay with us always and we never seem to forget them . Some of the imprinted memories are cheerful , happy and optimistic , but many of them represent things that , even though they took place , we always wish that we can be able , one day , to forget about them

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when I turned 18 , and to be more accurate : It was the night immediately before my birthday . That night , I was enormously happy about finally becoming an adult (I really did not see the difference : How one day someone is a minor and the next she or he is a woman or a man responsible and accountable for all her /his decisions and actions . I believe that it is something that any girl , or boy , dreams of in the first years of her /his life . I couldn ‘t sleep that night , I was thinking of the next morning and day , but I was also thinking of the future in general , what was to come in my life . I remember that my heart was beating very fast , I was feeling it beating strong I was happy . But I also remember that I was worried , not knowing how my life would be going and if I would succeed on my own . It was a mixture of feelings , but happiness and satisfaction was the one that I remember the most

The most difficult , and though the saddest event that happened in my life was involving a dear friend who lost his life in a car accident . I was 22 . I still recall how the world just stopped around me . I really saw everything stand still . I could not speak I just did not find the words , all the memories with that friend passed through my mind in a matter of seconds , but I felt them as if they were hours . I can not describe the feeling in that moment and the moments that followed Maybe , this was the first time that I understood that we are so fragile and helpless . One day , someone exists he /she is a part of your life he /she has their own lives , dreams , feelings , thoughts , and memories and the next day , that same person is nothing more than a memory . I cried for days , nothing would have brought my friend back , but I could not handle that feeling , I think I still find it to difficult to deal with


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