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the impact of 9/11/01 on how we travel

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The Impact of 9 /11 on How We Travel


There is an old saying that offers the philosophy that sometimes people live as a result of the events around them , and sometimes in spite of them . Perhaps this saying has never been more fitting than when discussing what could possibly be the most pivotal event of this generation , the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11 , 2001 . From the action and plans of the terrorists , to the reaction of the passengers [banner_entry_middle]

on the hijacked planes , to the sites of the attacks and beyond , 9 /11 has had a multi-faceted effect on the lives , politics travel , and much more of indeed every person on earth . In this the researcher will explore these different areas in an effort to prove the argument that the aftermath of 9 /11 has had just as much of an effect on everyday life as the attacks themselves had when they first occurred . Upon conclusion of this , the reader will rationally accept , if not agree with , the thesis itself

Mindset Aboard the Suicide Planes ‘ and Inside the Twin Towers

September 11 , 2001 , was a clear and pleasant early fall day in most of the eastern United States , especially New York City , Washington DC , and Pennsylvania . As the day dawned , people in different parts of the region began their normal routines- for some it included catching a flight , some began the work of national security at the Pentagon , and for others it required them to report to offices inside the World Trade Center complex in lower Manhattan . By late morning , however , many of these people would be lost to eternity , and for those left behind , the world would never be the same

There was another group of people setting out on an important task on that clear morning as well- terrorists whose goal it was to hijack American airliners and use them as massive missiles to hit the intended targets , which unfortunately , was well done in several cases As the acts of terrorism were carried out , the elation of the extremists who saw the attacks as a sign of liberation was outweighed by grief and confusion on the part of the loved ones of the plane passengers , as well as workers in the World Trade Center and Pentagon , which in many cases was similar to that of those exposed to trauma in a war zone (Graham Whatever the reaction by the people of the world , one thing is abundantly clear- 9 /11 changed literally everything . People would no longer be as trusting of their neighbors as they once were , the process of travel was exposed to heightened security , and the American government was at war with an enemy that was hard to see , but whose wrath was clearly evident

Government Actions After the Attacks

When the chaos of 9 /11 unfolded , the American government found itself thrown headlong into what many are still calling today… [banner_entry_footer]

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