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The Importance of Understand Human Anatomy

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The Importance of Understand Human Anatomy

Is it important to understand human anatomy ? The answer to this question goes back to the beginning of human race . The basic knowledge about human anatomy was acquired thousands , if not a million , years ago . The first humans could use this knowledge for such basic purposes as to know how and where to hit their enemies (also humans . The stone thrown into the forehead did not kill however , the person hit in the temple could die instantly . The arrow piercing the heart did the same job . The [banner_entry_middle]

first humans learned the anatomical location of body organs by everyday experience . Later shamans and patriarchs , who carried it through the centuries , adding new discoveries to this knowledge , preserved this knowledge . With time , this knowledge helped healers to heal and worriers to kill . The first medicine evolved and human anatomy was very important for its development

Human anatomy was equally important for the development of art . Painting and sculpture used human anatomy as a source of knowledge about human body . The Ancient Greeks and Romans mastered this knowledge to such extent that they could reproduce human body with almost identical similarity . Later , the painters and sculptors of the Renaissance followed their example , turning to science and medicine to better master the art

The fourteenth century ushered in a new period of civilization called the Renaissance . Prior to this new era the teaching of anatomy had been based largely upon the dissection of animals , but in the thirteenth century , even this limited procedure of direct observation was largely superseded by the Arabic influence , which led to efforts to teach anatomy wholly from textbooks . Although the Arabic influence was to be cast off eventually , yet anatomy was still to suffer from strictures arisen from a misunderstanding of the position of the church

The idea of importance to understand human anatomy for art is further supported by O ‘Malley and Sounders (1952 . Meanwhile it has become fashionable to suggest that artists were the true anatomists and had better knowledge of the subject from approximately the period of Giotto to Leonardo da Vinci . This belief arises from a study of their paintings . Among artists the important thing was detail among anatomists it was system . The artist from observation could draw superficial muscles correctly the anatomist might be well acquainted with them and far more capable of relating them to the rest of the human structure , but he was incapable of good draughtsmanship . Leonardo at times unwittingly emphasizes the distinction when he fails in his efforts to draw from memory some structure , which he can draw superbly from direct observation . If we follow the anatomist from the superficial to the deeper structures it is possible to point out many errors , but here it is impossible to make any comparison with the artists since with the exception of Leonardo who , be it remembered , thought of anatomy as a separate discipline , of them pursued the study this far (O ‘Malley Sounders , 1952

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