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The Internet

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br The Internet

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The Internet as we know it has basically revolutionized the way we communicate and in some instances the way we live . I will be discussing the technical aspects of how the Internet works

First , there are many physical components known as hardware that make up the Internet . These include cabling , servers , routers , and switches Cabling is the very first piece of hardware that makes up the physical connections to the [banner_entry_middle]

Internet , many examples of cables include CAT5 which is commonly called Ethernet and this is used primarily for LAN ‘s , Cable Modems , Satellite Link , and DSL connections . Another physical component is a NIC or network interface card which is found on the client side of the connection , these cards range in speeds of 10 megabytes per second to 1 gigabyte a second . Also , a dial-up modem can be added to this list as well . These three components are what gets a user connected to the Internet . On the server side , the components are a little different . For instance , a server is a single machine that is connected to a switch and its primary purpose is too provide resources to other client machines weather it be documents , newsgroups , or to provide a connection to the Internet . A router is used to route traffic or packets of data to the correct place on the network , these are found on the server end

In addition to physical components , the Internet uses many software components on the client end and the server end . Some software that comes to mind on both the client and sever end is the use of TCP /IP This is actually a protocol just to clear up any confusion , this is a very crucial piece of the Internet for both the client and server because this is the protocol that is used for both machines to be able to communicate back and forth . Also , the OS is very important as this helps to provide information to both the client and server on how the network is performing 2

All of the above components communicate with each other through protocols and through the use of binary . Binary is represented by 0 ‘s and 1 ‘s . Binary is the basis for all electronics whether they be digital or analog . When using the Internet the network type that is used most of the time is the Ethernet connection or a telephone connection AKA dial-up connection . Some components that are used while accessing the Internet are browsers , plugins , HTML language and xml , and Java just to name a few software components . On the hardware side , it could be a modem , router , server , and switch

Besides how components communicate , a clients hardware and software configuration can dramatically affect how it will access the World Wide Web . The hardware is what provides the speed in downloading pictures or any type of graphics , if a client has a older machine… [banner_entry_footer]

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