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The Jesus I Knever Knew by Philip Yancey

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The impact of Jesus on human history is so obvious that many are always inspired to write about Him . Many have written about Him and His teachings , but few have actually been as personal as Philip Yancey ‘s The Jesus I Never Knew . Intriguing as the title is , this looks at the more personal Jesus under Yancey ‘s writing . The book ‘s main strength is the progression of the character and personhood of Jesus that the author takes his readers to – a journey into the [banner_entry_middle]

Jesus who may seem to have started as an ordinary carpenter but came to be known as the Savior of all men

The author immediately takes his readers into the theme of the Yancey orients readers he took an interest to write about Jesus from the very start , because as a child , he knew about Jesus as a child singing Jesus Loves Me in Sunday school , addressing bedtime prayers to `Lord Jesus ‘ watching Bible Club teachers move cutout figures across a flannelgraph board . He also associated Jesus with Kool-Aid and sugar cookies and gold stars for good attendance . The author gets the reader ‘s empathy as similar experiences come to mind . Yancey ‘s of Jesus physical appearance is also very similar to most of the other people ‘s experience such as seen in the first two paragraphs alone Here , the author has his readers under his watchful guide as to how he perceives Him

Indeed , during the Christian era , Jesus was the best example of a servant leader . Despite His divine power and qualities , he remained humble and followed God ‘s commandments even until his death . He was a good leader for all . Being a leader for Jesus also means being a servant for all . He told his apostles that if any one wants to lead , he must also be a good servant . For Jesus , a leader as a servant must be humble unselfish and unworldly

As Yancey takes his readers on this journey , readers experience the discovery as much as the author . Thus , there is no feeling that he has experienced or known Jesus more than the other person . Yancey ‘s role is more of an inspiration that motivates people to look and see the biblical Jesus and what drives Him to do what He does . Philip Yancey addresses the theme of his book and puts it as

The God Who fills the universe imploded to become a peasant baby Who like every infant that has ever lived , had to learn to walk and talk and dress Himself

Jesus ‘ life and teachings can be glimpsed from the way the author depicts Him as devoid of any stereotyping , given to a well-known character . Instead , readers grasp the true meaning of his coming to this earth . He divides the book into three categories and simplifies the flow of thoughts . The novel is divided into three main sections such as Jesus ‘ personhood , His mission and… [banner_entry_footer]

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