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The Kansas City Hyatt Regency Walkways Cooapse 7/17/1981

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Investigations found out that in the original design of the hotel the fourth floor beams and rods had only to support the fourth floor walkway , not to bear the whole load of the second floor . In the changed design the fourth floor beams had to suspend both the second and the fourth floor walkways . When the load was doubled on the fourth floor walkways , the proposed number of people admissible on the floor accounted only 30 of the mandated minimum load (Lerner 2000

The results of this disaster are the following . The engineers [banner_entry_middle]

employed by Gillum and Associated were accused in gross negligence unprofessional conduct and even misconduct in the engineering practice In the result all of them have lost their engineering licenses in Texas and Missouri as well as the memebership to ASCE . Gullim and Associates were accused in criminal negligence and their licenses were taken away as well nowadays they have no rights to act as engineering firm

It was mentioned that 114 people were killed and more than 200 were injured – 140 million was awarded to victims ‘ families in the subsequent lawsuits . Large sums of the money awarded were from Crown Center Corporation that owned the actual hotel franchise . The next moment to admit is that health and life insurance companies absorbed even larger ensated losses in policy payouts . It was concluded that the basic problem related to disaster was improper communication between Havens Steel and Gullim and Associates . These were the main results of the disaster (Interesting Engineering Event

In future after the disaster the reconstruction included fewer walkways which were strongly reinforced . In the result some of the hotel ‘s floors have disconnected sections and it is necessary to exit different floor in to enter the other side . Nowadays the hotel has been reopened… [banner_entry_footer]

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