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The Life Lessons of John Grady

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In the novel , John Grady encountered people from almost all walks of life . He fell in love , he was trusted by a haciendero , he was bribed by powerful men , he was empowered by a friendship and he felt how it is to actually survive with whatever is there

Many cowboy stories of the West depict loyalty and romance . This novel is different according to Morrisson (1999 , Like Blood Meridian “All the Pretty Horses ” is a western , although it is considerably gentler in tone and imbued with an archetypal aura of romance . It [banner_entry_middle]

is rather subdued with the theme of greatness we see in a cowboy ‘s life . The novel shows us that John Grady Cole , just like some of us , are in search for a lot of answers and the only way to actually seize these questions would be if we actually take the risk of trying out things , of actually leaving our comfort zones . When we come across something new , it opens horizons that we have never even ever imagines . This is the good part about all the storms that come our way . When all winds calm down and the rain stops pouring , we see everything that we never saw before because somehow it illustrates a whole new perspective on us , a fountain of chances , a ray of hope and a structure to rebuild once again – this time , the way we always wanted it to look like . When their friend Rawlins was captured , put to jail and captured , we can see that desperate situations call for desperate measures . He was compelled to give false confessions just to save his life or torment . We are all captives of certain sins and even if we have not committed anything , we sometimes come across situations where they is no choice but to… [banner_entry_footer]

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