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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

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C .S . Lewis ‘s The Lion , The Witch and the Wardrobe ‘ is a story of four children , Peter , Susan , Edmund and Lucy , who discovered the magical world of Narnia through an old wardrobe when they were sent away from their home because of the war . It is a classic story of the battle between good and evil and how the four children helped for good to triumph in the land of Narnia

By chance , the children discovered an old wardrobe that serves as a passageway to the land of Narnia , a land which [banner_entry_middle]

was under the spell of the evil Queen Jadis . Peter , Susan and Lucy must help Aslan , the rightful king , to regain power in the land and also to rescue their brother Edmund who was cast under the Queen ‘s evil spell as well Throughout their journey , they met various magical creatures and learned of their suffering under Queen Jadis ‘s rule

While in Narnia , the four children learned the value of humility and how one must sacrifice for the greater good . This was more demonstrated when Aslan offered to give up his life so that Edmund will be saved when Queen Jadis called for a dark spell , and old tradition , that requires Edmund to give up his life . Because of this self-sacrifice , an unconditional giving of his self , Aslan was brought to life and was able to defeat the evil Queen

In many ways , what Aslan did is very much the same as what Jesus Christ did . Jesus Christ gave up His own life to save the lives of many others He endured many sufferings for the sake of His people . He showed that no matter how difficult it may be , it is possible for good to triumph . C .S Lewis showed through the story of Peter , Susan , Edmund and Lucy along with Aslan and the creatures of Narnia that with courage and faith , good can always overcome evil . The fight for what is right is not always easy , and there are troubles along the way but if the people stick together and never lose hope , victory is always at hand The Lion , The Witch and the Wardrobe

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