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The Meaning of American Democracy

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The Meaning of American Democracy


The meaning of American Democracy (Shapiro 2005 ) talks about the normative requirements of democracy in America such as procedural or institutional democracy substantive democracy and protections of the individual rights and liberties of the people . This is being done by investigating the recent events such as the elections and the September 11 , 2001 attacks . Shapiro talks about what true democracy should be , and also discussed about the different issues about American democracy brought up by the said events


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it , democracy is a form of government for a nation state , or for an organization in which all the citizens have the right to vote their chosen leaders . Dahl (1989 ) describes democracy to be liberal democracy

According to Shapiro , Republican Democracy means the existence of rules , procedures , and entities that enable voters to hold political leaders accountable and that prevent abuses of power , to some people Under this type of democracy , the citizens are empowered over what the government does through elected representatives . These representatives are expected to do the best for the nation and not settle on what the people want

Meanwhile , unlike institutional democracy , the people play an enormous role in substantive democracy . Public opinion is weighed importantly by politicians especially during the elections . In this regard , Shapiro said that leaders should lead and not be swayed by poll results , due to the in his work due to the unpredictability of the polls results According to wikipedia ,com (Ret . September 2006 , polls are often unreliable because there are errors in sampling , some people who do not respond to the polls , and wording of questions can influence a lot because some questions are written negatively or positively . This is an issue which I strongly agree . People have different beliefs and opinion which are not always true . A poll conducted by CNN taken between August 30 to September 02 , 2006 posed this question among the respondents “Do you think Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the September 11 terrorist attacks , or not ‘ Forty three percent of the respondents answered yes ( HYPERLINK “http /www .pollingreport .com /iraq .htm http /www .pollingreport .com /iraq .htm . This was while the US president has said that the US government has no evidence that Saddam Hussein has involvement with the September attacks (http /www .whitehouse .gov /news /releases /2003 /09 /-7 .html

Even during these times , not everyone reads the or watch news on TV which leaves them unaware of certain situations that are happening around them . This is one of the many factors why policy makers and politicians stop caring about the polls after election , as Shapiro stated in his work . Some politicians , however , have strived to use information taken from opinion polls to move the public in the direction they want them to go . The citizen and polls are just one of the many areas which they use to win an election

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