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The Media Impact on the Rodney King Verdict

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The mass media is known for its massive influence and power . They have played significant roles in the nation ‘s histories . They also play important roles such as informing the populace of the ongoing events around us

People turn to the print media for updates on special events or issues When the newss are not enough , they turn to regular updates on television or the radio . The media will continue to play a vital role in our lives

Rodney King

Rodney Glenn King is a black American man who [banner_entry_middle]

plummeted into the national spotlight after his violent encounter with Los Angeles police officers was videotaped by a bystander , George Holliday

Jacobs (2000 ) reported that the incident garnered massive public uproar among people who considered the incident as racially motivated . In an atmosphere of growing tension between the African American community and the Los Angeles Police Department as well as increasing anger over police brutality and more general issues of unemployment , racial tension , and poverty facing the African American community in South Central Los Angeles the acquittal in a state court of the four officers charged with using excessive force in subduing King afforded the seed that led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots

The Incident

The verdict led to massive riots in Los Angeles , which lasted for 3 days , making it one of the worst civil disturbances in Los Angeles history . Koon (1992 ) reported that the incident brought with it damages amounting to at least 1 billion , killing more than 50 people , injuring over 2 ,000 and more than 8 ,000 were arrested . Similar riots also took place in other US cities . What brought the house down was when King made an appearance before television news cameras to appeal for peace saying “People , I just want to say , you know , can we all get along

The video of the incident is a vivid example of inverse surveillance Due to the notoriety of the incident , several Copwatch organizations were established nationwide to safeguard against future abuses Counter-police-abuse organizations and justice committees for victims of police violence increased after the 1992 incident and a national umbrella group known as the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality was established . African American community and civil rights leaders have repeatedly used the Rodney King incident in analogy along with other incidents of police violence against black suspects

The 1992 Los Angeles riots , also known as the Rodney King uprising or the Rodney King riots , became more celebrated on April 29 , 1992 when a mostly white jury acquitted four police officers accused in the videotaped beating of King , after he fled from police . Thousands of people in Los Angeles , mainly young black and Latino males , joined in what has often been characterized as a race riot , involving mass law-breaking , including looting , arson and murder . In all , 50 to 60 people were killed during the riots

In addition to the immediate trigger of the Rodney King verdict , there were many other factors cited as reasons… [banner_entry_footer]

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