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the monkey garden

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imagining where the children would imagine fantastic beasts and mythical creatures . By showing both the physical and psychological play taking place in the garden , the author further solidifies the garden as symbolic of youth and childhood

As the story evolves , the character states that some one told her once that she was too old to play games . This is the prelude to an event that causes the main character to lose the garden forever . While returning from the garden , the speaker observes her friend flirting with a group [banner_entry_middle]

of boys . The boys , having taken her friend ‘s keys , say they will not relinquish them until the friend kisses them . The speaker becomes indignant at this . The reason for this is that her friend is entering into the next phase of human development where interest in the opposite sex becomes a focal point and a launching pad for eventual transition into adulthood . The speaker recognizes this and becomes frustrated to know her childhood has come to an end . She even states that after that day , she never returned to the garden . Since this episode marks the end of the speaker ‘s trips to the garden , we must assume the garden is symbolic of the childhood which is lost to adolescence and the awakening of adult sexual desires . Having acquired this epiphany through observing the actions of her friend , the speaker is thrust from childhood further proving the symbolic relationship of youth and the garden

The monkey garden is a definitive symbol of childhood in the story The author confirms this through the s of the garden , the playful actions which take place there , and the cessation of those actions when the speaker acknowledges her awareness of adolescence in the form of her friend ‘s flirtation . All of these factors… [banner_entry_footer]

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