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The Movie `As Good As it Gets`

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Distorted Feedback and Obsolete Information

as Influences on Self-Concept

in the Film

As Good As It Gets

Information and stimulus from external sources are what shape the way we perceive ourselves . Distorted feedback and obsolete information are two forms of these external factors . Distorted feedback from offensive statements from others , whether intentional or not , can have a profound effect on us . Obsolete information is also significant in that it can shape and adversely affect our perception and understanding of the reason for the way others interact with us

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the movie As Good As It Gets , the characters create and experience distorted feedback in their interactions with each other . Some of their actions are also spurred on by assumptions that are sometimes obsolete Melvin the misanthrope

The main character , Melvin Udall , is an obsessive-compulsive misanthropic , homophobic , irascible , reclusive , racist writer . At the beginning of the movie , Melvin ‘s self-concept is largely manifested through depictions of offensive smugness and self-centeredness . Much of the distorted feedback experienced by characters in the movie stems from his offensive attitude

Melvin offends and insults almost everybody he meets , and is especially adept at spawning distorted feedback in people around him , seeming to have no empathy . For example , Melvin calls a slightly overweight waitress taking his an elephant . In another instance , when one of his female fans asks him how he writes women so well , he says “I think of a man , then I take away reason and accountability ” In these remarks we can see that Melvin feels superior to others (or perhaps is eager to appear superior

Melvin is aware of his obsessive-compulsive dis this in one of the aspects of his self-concept . His psychological condition makes it difficult to judge what he is actually feeling – instead what the audience gets are snide remarks that may veil his true emotions Whenever he spouts insults , it ‘s hard to tell if he actually means to offend , or if he is just so used to speaking with cynical humor Nevertheless any offensive remarks that Melvin receives are largely from retaliation , although he seems hardly affected by any of this . However judging from the fact that he is a successful writer of romance , Melvin is obviously not ignorant of nor that govern human behavior

Melvin initially does not like dogs and is homophobic . Even when he grudgingly takes in Simon ‘s dog , he assumes that he will dislike the dog . However , he develops a fondness for the dog , and is saddened when Simon takes his dog back . The obsolete information here is the fact that he was a dog-hater he has now unwittingly become to a dog This disruption of his self-concept , among several others , leads him to a better understanding of himself , and thus leads to a modified self-concept

Near the end of the movie , Melvin agonizes over Carol . He denies that he loves her he says that she has evicted him from his previous life . He is still working on the now obsolete assumption… [banner_entry_footer]

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