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The Nativity by Botticelli (fresco painting)

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Botticelli was a famous Florentine painter who lived between 1447 and 1510 in Florence . His art is representative of that time , belonging to the Early Renaissance (Quatrocento ) style . Throughout his life he became both famous and forgotten : his fame was brought by allegorical and religious painting done under the patronage of the Medici , and his downfall was brought by the change in style that the High Renaissance proposed . Botticelli is representative of the Medicean age , his art is as extensive as the culture of the Renaissance itself ‘ With the emergence of the [banner_entry_middle]

High Renaissance style at the turn of the 16th century he fell out of fashion , died in obscurity and was only returned to his position as one of the best-loved quattrocento painters through the interest of Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites

The style that Botticelli adopted was pertinent to the time in which he lived , but he did have some changes in the manner in which he painted This changes were brought by the changes in thinking that he experienced through his life . The paintings from his early career , the allegories that present the Virgin Mary as the beautifull Venus are concordant with the Neo-Platonic views from the time of the Medici , while the more iconographic ‘ style of his later career may have been influenced by the priest Savonarola . Given that the Neo-Platonists regarded Beauty as the visible token of the Divine , there would be no blasphemy in using the same facial type and expression for Venus and for the Holy Virgin . He was in the employ of the Medici and other prominent Florentine families from about 1483 to 1500 . Although never inclined to frivolity he was yet influence by the worldly spirit of the age until Savonarola ‘s powerful call to repentance aroused his moral nature and guided his powers , it now seems , into entirely new paths

He made a reputation for himself as a painter of Madonnas in which he poured the entire grace and beauty of the feminine figure , but also as a painter of the Mother and Child in more religious stances , and more than one such painting exists . Like his master Lippi , before him Botticelli has created his own instantly recognizable type of feminine beauty , used for Madonnas and Venuses alike

The painting Adoration of the Child ‘ is such a painting . It was made around 1500 , and it is in the Early Renaissance style typical of Botticelli and the time of its conception . The painting , just as the title suggests , presents a scene containing the Holy Mother and the Child . There is a third character in the foreground , and in the background there is the caravan of the Magi coming to praise the newborn . There is symbolism in the painting , in the composition of the elements , in the element themselves and even in the circular shape of the painting . As is frequently the case with other Renaissance paintings , this work contains many Christian symbols . The wheat stalks emerging from the thatched roof and… [banner_entry_footer]

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