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The need to keep Marijuana illegal

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I . Introduction

Marijuana , known by such names as pot , grass , reefer , weed , and herb is said to come from the various parts of the hemp plant with the scientific name Cannabis sativa , and has for its active ingredient the mind altering substance called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (National Institute on Drug Abuse 1 . The use of marijuana has been the subject of much debate and controversy in the past . Young people are drawn to it , musicians , movie stars and rock stars endorse it discreetly , and the general [banner_entry_middle]

population as a whole is divided over whether it is good or bad for people , and whether it should be legalized or not . Some say that marijuana was involved in the production of various industries of fiber , fabric , lighting oil , incense and medicines . Marijuana was also primarily used in most of the religions and cults (Columbia History 1981 . Yet , the many disadvantages outweigh the supposed benefits it does . Some also say that the hearing , suits stakeouts and rewards for those who tip the authorities costs the government a lot (Fighting for the Legalization 2000 . They claim that there are better ways to spend the citizen ‘s money than following all users of marijuana . Yet , what happens to society when authorities do not have any control of forces that need their immediate attention

Yet , a website devoted exclusively to marijuana use recently ran an article weighing the pros and cons of legalizing it , and came up with the conclusion that legalizing has several economic benefits , and brings with it the ability of government to properly regulate its use (Shalom This essay takes the latter position , and argues against the legalization of marijuana because of its overall ill health and social effects

II . Social and Health Considerations

Marijuana is said to be the most used illegal drug in the United States with 40 percent or 94 million of Americans aged 12 years or older having tried it at least once , and adolescents and teenagers in particular being particularly vulnerable to abusing the drug (National Institute on Drug Abuse 1 , citing the 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

Some say that the theory that it can be a gateway drug to hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine has not been proven true (Lowry , 2001 . Yet the ill health effects of marijuana have been well-documented . Heavy use of marijuana has been directly linked to the impairment of a person ‘s ability to shift the focus of his attention from one thing to another ability to recall events , and ability to form memories (National Institute on Drug Abuse 3 . Marijuana is also said to impair balance posture , coordination of movement and reaction time , because THC affects the proper functioning of the parts of the brain responsible for those functions (National Institute on Drug Abuse 4 . Such ill effects are said to be precursors of accidents

Another ill effect of marijuana use is its link to difficulty in quitting tobacco… [banner_entry_footer]

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