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the raven

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The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe ‘s poem starts out in a dejected and despondent mood in which the man is sitting in his house , deliberating weak and weary over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore . The sudden unanticipated knock at the door tears him out of his mournfulness as a new signal from the external world . Since his mind is on his lost love by the name of Lenore , the author ‘s first intuitive impulse is that it must be her coming back . The tapping naturally first sends him in [banner_entry_middle]

a state of fear since he is not sure who may need him at this late hour He states that the knock filled [him] with fantastic terrors never felt before . When he opens the door and sees nobody standing behind it , he for a moment gets dreamy , dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before

The second tapping leaves the author in a much more decisive mood Calmness with which he opens the door the second time contrasts with his initial worried state . Tearing the door open , he is amused by the sight of the bird , beguiling [his] sad fancy into smiling . The following conversation with the raven increases the author ‘s jocularity as he is more and more amused to discover how the raven always responds nevermore ‘ to anything the author asks him

In the process of talking to the bird that apparently has learned only one word in the whole time with the former master , the man sits in a chair where his former love used to sit . This brings back the anguish of loss and makes the author wonder if the bird could be the impersonation of Lenore . The idea that the raven could be Lenore dissipates as the author talks to the raven . In the meantime , he gets despaired about the prospect of getting Lenore back . The poem ends on a note of decision and resignation , resonating with the same refrain Nevermore


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