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The Role of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in protecting Human Rights

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in philosophy, social sciences

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The Role of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations ) in protecting Human Rights


This seeks to discuss and analyze the role of the non governmental organizations in protecting Human Rights . The will try first to see the bigger role of the NGO ‘s in society and attempt to make a connection with the protection of human rights . The maintains the thesis that NGO ‘s , democracy and human rights protection must go together

Analysis and discussion

The non [banner_entry_middle]

governmental organizations (NGO ) performed various roles and protecting Human rights is only one of them . If we have the take the speech of Assistant Secretary Lowenkron to his address to the Senate when he discussed the essential roles that non-governmental organizations play in the defense of freedom and the development of democracy across the globe we may notice that he quoted President Bush second inaugural address about US to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture , with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world and that the work of NGOs is crucial to reaching that goal

Lowenkron mentioned NGOs as international actors as well as shapers of national policy is one of the most important trends in international relations since NGOs encompass the entire range of civil society : from lobbying for better health , protection of the environment and advancement of education for all to delivering humanitarian relief and securing and protecting basic civil and political rights (Paraphrasing made

There therefore NGOs for specific health issues , such as women ‘s health care or HIV /AIDS , environment . These NGO ‘s played a vital role in the political , social and economic changes of the 1980s in many part of the world . Present NGOs influence extends with global impacts to pushing for governmental transparency and accountability which in turn can fuel political reform . When we talk therefore of human rights and NGO ‘s was focusing on the so called political NGOs . These are advocates for human rights and democratic principles and practices . This latter type of NGO is unique since there is a threat to government ‘s power for some

Lowenkron (2006 ) said that these NGOs build on a legacy of championing human rights through norm-setting and monitoring and they have helped to shape international agreements , instruments , institutions and human rights mechanisms over decades . The shaping of the language on human rights and fundamental freedoms in the United Nations Charter and of the U .N . Universal Declaration on Human Rights itself are credited to NGOs . Said NGOs courageously defend human rights activists , often while risking reprisal themselves

Given such unique roles of NGOs it may be inferred that democracy , freedom and NGO ‘s must co-exist if human rights are to be defended and enjoyed . In fact , Lowenkron said that together with the increasing worldwide demand for greater personal and political freedom often reflected in the work of these NGOs is the growing recognition that democracy… [banner_entry_footer]

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