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The role of women in Nazi Germany

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The Role of Women in Nazi Germany

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Germany came under the influence of the Nazis for a short period of twenty years , from the mid twenties until the end of the Second World War . This period was the most traumatic the world has witnessed in recent times and was marked by global warfare , racial atrocities and savage massacres of unarmed and helpless people as the Nazis , led by Adolph Hitler unleashed their bigoted savagery on the peoples of Europe

The women of Germany , after centuries of male domination [banner_entry_middle]

were just about beginning to get a taste of equality with the introduction of the right to vote by the Weimar Republic in 1918 when the Nazis took over power and changed the rules of the game drastically , with their medieval approach towards the role of women in society . Hitler and his Nazi followers firmly believed that the main role of women should be restricted to procreation and the rearing of children , thereby increasing the numbers of pure and racially superior Germans . This mindset led to their banishing women from politics , public life education and gainful professional employment and brought in two decades of gender suppression and inequality comparable to what existed in medieval Europe

This research attempts to chronicle and analyse the role of women in Nazi Germany , with particular reference to the persecution of women down the ages and their current efforts to achieve emancipation and gender equality . Even today millions of women all over the world are treated as inferior and kept in subjugation , similar to that experienced by women in Germany under Nazi rule and it is the duty of citizens of the free world to work towards achieving their freedom from gender inequality and male subjugation

1 . Introduction

The Nazi era in Germany lasted for barely twenty years . The movement started making its presence felt in the mid-twenties , reached its ‘ peak in another ten years and had been shut out of the world by 1945 following the defeat in the Second World War and the collapse of The Third Reich . Hitler shot himself in his bunker in Berlin on April 30 1945 . The next half century saw the Nazis being hunted down from every corner of the world , tried and sentenced . The brief years of Nazi dominance came to be known as the holocaust , one of the worst periods to hit mankind , and the leader of the Nazis , Adolph Hitler epitomised as the incarnation of evil

Germany , till the beginning of the twentieth century , had been very much a male dominated society

For centuries , a woman ‘s role in German society was summed up and circumscribed by the three “K ” words : Kinder (children , Kirche (church , and K ‘che (kitchen . Sometimes the fourth “K ” is mentioned Kleider (clothes (Women in German Society

The end of the First World War in 1918 and the installation of the Weimar Republic in Berlin saw a brief period of equality and enfranchisement before the Nazis came to… [banner_entry_footer]

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